Growing a Natural Skincare Business with Atopis

Increase in Clicks
Increase in Sales
Increase in Revenue


Atopis is a New Zealand skin care company that launched in early 2017. At the time their product line consisted of  core products; dry itchy skin cream (for eczema), acne prone skin cream, and anti-aging cream.

The business decided to stick to online as their only means of sales and partnered with a digital agency. However, after 7 months of promoting products through paid search, social media, and other platforms they were just not seeing the return they were hoping for.

Atopis reached out to us and after a chit-chat we decided we'd love to work together.


1. Increase traffic through to their product offering

2. Increase overall sales and revenue

3. Hit an ROI of at least 200%


Step 1 - Planned out a paid search strategy that was closely aligned with their objectives

Planning out a paid search strategy is no small feat and often we see people dive in and create campaigns on the fly in order to get traffic to their site as fast as possible. In most cases they don’t take a step back and work through following:

  • What am I going to be using this channel for? What are my objectives and core KPIs?
  • How is my budget going to be allocated, am I looking to weight more budget towards certain products or services?
  • What does the current competition look like? How competitive do the search pages look like? What am I looking to pay per click? Is this channel to expensive? Do I have the right budget?
  • What keywords am I going to target, are they likely to convert?
  • Am I already tracking conversions correctly and do I have a baseline for my conv. Rate?

We ran through all of the questions above with Atopis and audited their existing paid search activity. We reached a consensus that the current campaigns weren’t profitable leaking precious spend left, right and centre. We’d look to restructure the entire account and build new campaigns from the ground up.

Step 2 - Restructured entire account and built new campaigns from the ground up

We created new campaigns with ideal keyword clusters resulting from the keyword research undertaken.. A brand campaign was also created to ensure that we were protecting valuable brand traffic. Through our research we identified that competitors were showing up for a fair whack of brand searches. We also completed the following:

  • Created a hyper-granular campaign and ad group structure
  • Implemented remarketing campaigns for key audience segments (e.g. non converting users)
  • New ad copy for all ad groups, sharpening value propositions and creating stronger calls-to-action
  • Changed attribution setup from last click (90 day window) to first click, restricting the window to 14 days.

Step 3 - Optimise campaigns and setup automated processes to increase management efficiency

From there, the account required meticulous attention during the early stages to ensure spend was being used efficiently and to spot early anomalies. We deployed a bunch of processes to automate budget, bidding and search query management which in turn allowed us to focus more on campaign expansion, increasing sales and improving ROI.


Aro Digital’s overhaul and rationalisation of our AdWords marketing campaigns have slashed our cost on keywords and given us an average ROI +180% on our direct digital marketing spend. Smart and savvy, these guys cut to the chase, increased our online profits and kept us firmly in the driver’s seat with excellent reporting.

John Kitto

General Manager

Case Studies