Last Minute Xmas Shopping with Canopy Camping

Canopy Camping
Increase in Voucher Sales from Social (MoM)
Increase in toal Voucher Sales (MoM)
Increase in Users (MoM)


Canopy Camping hosts New Zealand's most incredible overnight stays. If you haven't been on one yet - we highly recommend you check out the Canopy Camping website.

We wanted to massively increase the number of voucher sales for Christmas 2018. Canopy Camping vouchers make an excellent gift - especially for those last minute shoppers who may be a little behind schedule.

Considering the visual appeal of this product, we decided to run a Social Media campaign on Facebook and Instagram to increase the number of pre-Christmas voucher sales.


1. Increase total Voucher Sales

2. Increase average order value of Voucher Sales

3. Maintain a low cost per acquisition


We set out to massively increase the number of Voucher Sales for Canopy Camping. Luckily, it's the type of thing anyone would love to see in their stocking - which made our job that much easier.

Ad Creation

Everyone loves giving experiences as gifts - as such, we wanted to communicate how incredible a Canopy Camping experience is. We realised the value of an escape isn't in the accommodation itself (although this certainly helps) but in the emotions you get while you're on one.

The main feeling you seek on an escape is relaxation.

So we used copy and imagery to convey the end state we wanted people to get to - while also communicating how easy this was to give as a present.


At the same time, we were excited to test out a variety of different audience targeting options.

As you probably know on the Facebook Ads platform, there are a seemingly infinite number of targeting opportunities.

We wanted to explore what audiences would convert at high rates and at efficient cost-per-acquisitions.

We tested a heap of different audiences, at different stages of the funnel:

Awareness - Broad targeting at a variety of different age ranges, locations, and interests - all optimised towards the conversion goal of voucher sales.

Consideration - Users who had been on the site in the last 30 days, or engaged with the Canopy Camping facebook page in the last 30 days.

Conversion - Audiences who had been on the Voucher page but not yet made a purchase.

Retention - People who had already made a booking or been on a escape.

What we found is that the best performing audiences were:

  • Previous Purchasers - 31% of Sales
  • Lookalike Audiences - 25% of Sales
  • Site Visitors - 21% of Sales

This makes sense as these were higher intent audiences, who already had some brand awareness of Canopy Camping.

For the audiences that didn't know about Canopy Camping (hadn't been to the web site before) we found that the 25 - 34 age range performed best.

Funnily enough, we found that the best performing day was the 24th of December - talk about last minute shopping!


We had a massive impact on sales, with a 620% increase in Voucher Sales attributed to social compared to the previous month (when always-on social ads for vouchers had been running). This generated tens of thousands of dollars of additional voucher purchases both month of month and year on year.


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