Impact Hour: Collaborating With Our Community’s Do-Gooder’s

Impact Hour: Collaborating With Our Community’s Do-Gooder’s

At Aro Digital, we love delivering great digital marketing work to our clients. However, we also strive to educate and enlighten our local and wider community with up-to-date digital marketing skills and practices.

This is why we came together to create the ‘Aro Digital Impact Hour’ – an initiative that seeks to help out New Zealand charities, non-profit organisations, and social enterprises by providing free digital marketing assistance and education. We want to help purpose-driven organisations increase their presence to create positive community change, and we figured we can have the most impact through improving their digital marketing efforts to boost awareness and adoption.

Every month we select a handful of the of the organisations that have signed up, and give them an hour of our time to educate, answer questions and set-up the foundations of their digital marketing knowledge – allowing them to take their organisation’s marketing efforts to new heights!

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We have been running Impact Hour for the past few months, and over this time have met some incredible people with some innovative ideas who are working towards improving the wellbeing of our community. Check out what our team and some of the Wellington do-gooders we helped have to say about their experience:

“I had a great time working with Chloe from Shift Foundation – giving an hour of my time to help Chloe understand the benefits of using social media advertising to achieve her goals was super rewarding. Shift foundation is an amazing initiative that helps young girls find their confidence, make friends, and help positively change their community.” – Lucy, Digital Creator at Aro Digital

If you are interested in joining their “Shifterhood”, visit their website;

“I worked with Givahoy, an app created to help make donating to charities and street appeals easier. We went over some top-level marketing strategies, outlining three actionable takeaways to work on in the coming months. We also identified the best marketing channels to achieve these strategies, and how best to utilise their different audience types to their advantage. It was great to be able to brainstorm with Jim, taking a creative outlook that enabled us to come up with some unique (but practical & actionable) ideas” – Bob, Digital Creator at Aro Digital

Learn more about Givahoy on their site, and download their app to start doing your daily good deeds –

“I was so grateful for the time that Jonty spent with me during Impact Hour. He was patient with my questions and helped me to not only navigate google analytics but also work out what metrics I should be tracking to determine how customers were experiencing my website and what they were engaging with (and what is clearly not working for some!) He followed up shortly afterwards to see how I was getting on and provided a lot of useful information after the session as promised. The Impact Hour is a great opportunity for small socially-minded businesses to into some amazing expertise and insights and I would highly recommend it!” – Jill Mckenzie, Director of ‘Needs More Cushions’ 

Visit Needs More Cushions to view their collection of sustainably made cushions.


We are always on the look-out for new non-profit organisations and social enterprises to work with – so if you’re reading this and it sounds like you or somebody you know, sign-up to impact hour here, or give this article a share so we can continue our goal in growing New Zealand’s digital marketing skills.

If you just want a little education on digital marketing tools and best practises, join our new Aro HQ Slack channel here, where you can ask questions, meet people, and keep updated on the latest in Digital Marketing. We also host specialised digital marketing workshops for students and marketing-enthusiasts alike, where we help elevate their knowledge of the newest digital marketing practices – keep an eye out for upcoming dates of these on our website.



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