Analytics & Insights

Analytics Audit & Setup

To get the most out of your web platforms you need to ensure that you can properly track, measure and report user behaviour, return on investment, and everything in between.

It’s essential that your web analytics is set up correctly and gathering the right data. We’ll audit your existing analytics to see what needs to be improved and then provide a full suite of recommendations to ensure that you’re getting the best insights for your business.

Tracking & Tagging (GTM)

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is the one stop shop for all your tracking requirements, no need to spend a great deal of time and money on developer resource.

From setting up tracking for your new marketing campaign, to seeing how many users have clicked on a particular button, then GTM is an ideal solution. We’ll help guide you through all the bits and bobs, from setup and debugging, to deployment.

Customer Insights

The more you understand your customers and the journey you provide them, the more effective your marketing will be.

We’ll provide you with rich, qualitative and quantitative information about your market or industry, and customers. This can then be used to help improve your web platforms and make sure that you create superstar marketing campaigns. We’ll use various methodologies to provide both informative and practical insights.

Attribution Modelling

Your marketing dollars are precious. Rather than attribute a conversion or lead to a single touch point, wouldn’t it be ideal to know the full user journey.

Not all channels are created equal. To understand how your marketing dollar is best spent, you must understand the value that each channel provides and how they each play a part in the lead up to a conversion. We’ll help develop or recommend the most appropriate attribution modeling for your business and guide you the journey from start to finish.