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With over 3.5 billion searches daily, Google Ads is a great way to get your business in front of high-intent potential customers.

We're here to get you ranking first for searches that are highly relevant to your business.

When someone Googles - they have a desire they're trying to satisfy. We call this Demand Satisfaction.

It’s a no-brainer that someone searching for "Google Ads Management in Wellington" is probably looking for…. well, a Google Ads agency in Wellington .

The group of people searching for your product or service are one of the highest quality audiences available.

It's our job to get your website visible for these quality searchers.

Beyond Valuable Searches

With careful research and on-going testing, we can identify what searches or placements are most valuable to your business.

From there it’s all about curating specific messaging, relevant to each search.

The goal is to provide tailored messaging to customers, that resonates with their specific wants & desires.

This can be done through multiple touch-points on Google Ads:

A. Google Search Ads – The New Yellow Pages
Our bread & butter. Putting text-based advertisements in Google Search Results and directing users to your website. These subtle advertisements appear similar to a normal organic search result, helping your business get to the top page of Google.

B. Google Shopping Ads – Your Online Catalog
Putting your physical product, with images, price and features directly in the search results.

C. Display Ads
– Online Billboards
Targeting ‘banner ads’ to specific audiences & pages. Can also be remarketed at current/previous customers. Great way to gain awareness.

D. YouTube Advertising
– Online TV adverts
Attaching your branded videos to specific users, or content. If there are specific content creators your audience resonates with, this is a great way to associate your product.

Google Ads Drive Results

We've got a rock-solid approach to driving long-term results on Google Ads.

It all comes down to our Google Ads approach:

1. User-centric - Questioning how we can provide as much value to users as possible. Asking ourselves - what information is this user looking for? How can we solve their pain points? Often this comes back to tailored messaging and a quality website experience.

2. Mix data with intuition - Make decisions based on data and experience - understand what we do and don't yet know. Optimise campaigns with real and actionable data, making every penny count.

3. Don't take shortcuts - A good account starts with the right build. Going that extra mile when researching and structuring your build will help us further down the line.

4. Test, test & test again - The online world is ever changing, and so must your account. Seeking new opportunities, testing theories and second-guessing are some of the ways we keep your account healthy.

As a Google Partner we managed over $1 million of Kiwi marketing dollars on the Google Ads platform in 2018. Interested in experiencing our Google Ads approach?

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