Search Engine Optimisation

Website Optimisations

Often businesses get their website built – then realise they have no idea how to get visitors to it! One of our favourite ways to do this is through organic traffic (from search engines). The advantage of organic traffic is that it’s often highly validated. The thinking is, if someone’s searching, they’re likely to buy.

Customers searching for “SEO Wellington” (or any product/service search) are seeking a solution to a problem. This validates them as very likely to buy. For most businesses, this is their ideal target market.

We optimise businesses websites to help rank at the top of the first page for their target search terms. This includes optimising text, such as your page Title, Headers, URL, Meta Description, and on page body copy. As well as optimising all on-page links.

We delve into the technical aspects of your site – including URL structure & page loading speed. This gives users a better experience and better rankings in search engines.

Google My Business

For many searches, the first result is the Google Map. As SEO’s with ROI in mind, we also focus on ranking our client’s websites in Google My Business.

That means when you search your brand name, your business will be claiming the sidebar. When someone Googles your service eg: “SEO Consultancy Wellington” – you rank first in the maps.

We’re in the business of nabbing these top of page results.

Link Building

The most important ranking factor for websites is PageRank. The more high quality websites that link to your site, the better it will perform in search engines. Beyond that – we need to ensure the sites we get links from are relevant to your business. This is because contextualisation is critical when it comes to link building.

With link building, we’re always looking for win-win opportunities. Anywhere we can gain referral traffic or additional brand awareness for your business is prioritized.

SEO Strategy

Search engines constantly update their algorithms. With SEO we need to be keeping up with the play when it comes to the most important ranking factors. That means our SEO strategies are constantly evolving.

We actively looking for all opportunities to improve your website’s rankings. This includes link building – creating links to your site from high-quality websites to boost rankings. It also includes advice on content strategy and data-driven marketing.