Katie Parsons

Senior Analytics Specialist

"I slept in this jumper"

A self-diagnosed “nerd”, KT’s your go-to girl for all things analytics and data. Her signature comfy chic style requires little effort, leaving her with more energy for tackling the work day (with added help from lots of caffeine). No tracking task is too big for Katie’s problem-solving skills. The only thing she can’t seem to fix is her issue with overfeeding her cat, Mr. Chonks. She love’s him so much that she’s almost landed him with diabetes. Is that such a bad thing? Vet says yes.


  1. Numbers 
  2. Beer Pong
  3. Funny ( according to her)


  1. Being a helicopter parent to her cat
  2. The lolly jar
  3. Fallling down the data rabbit hole