Give your browser an upgrade with these epic Chrome add-ons.

As someone who lives on their laptop (sorry Renee), I’ve ended up finding a bunch of Google Chrome extensions that other entrepreneurs and online dwellers would find super useful.

They’re all about speeding up work flows and making life easier.

Whether you’re a designer, marketer, developer or do-everything entrepreneur, some of these should be useful!

Note: Aro Digital is not affiliated with any of these companies, just appreciating awesome free tech!

1. Colour Zilla

Copy and paste colours from websites.

ColourZilla is one of my favourite Google Chrome extensions as it speeds up my workflow a ridiculous amount. Previously, to get colours from websites I’d use the Mac eye dropper tool then convert the RGB colour to a HEX colour and copy and paste it from there. Such a hassle!

But no more! The ColourZilla extension lets me copy and paste colours I find all in one browser window. If I see a colour I like, I can just click the ColourZilla extension, click the colour and BAM! all of the colour information I need (RGB HEX codes) sitting there ready to copy and paste.

PLUS it’s got a history of all of the colours I’ve eye-dropped in the past – handy!

Why it’s awesome:

  • Grab any colour you want from any site using an eyedropper tool
  • See a history of all of the colours you’ve eye dropped
  • Easily select the HEX or RGB colour from your history

Add Colour Zilla

2. Fontface Ninja

Find and download fonts from any site.

Discover what fonts your favourite websites are using with this excellent chrome extension. Click the add-on, then click any text on the page you’re on, and boom – it’ll give you what the font is, a preview box to write your own text, change colour and size in. It’ll also give you a download link which if it’s free will make it download automatically, if not – then will give you purchase options. This add-on has an excellent user interface – it’s just so easy to use!

Why it’s awesome:

  • Find that awesome font your favourite website is using
  • Download (or buy) that font through Font Ninja
  • Preview what the font looks like with your text, and in different sizes and colours

Add Font Ninja

3. Toggl

Effortlessly track time spent on projects.

If staying on-top of your time tracking is your downfall then this Chrome extension is for you. Toggl connects in to it’s excellent web app, which is ideal for managing your time, understanding where your biggest time sucks are and invoicing for project work. The Toggl add-on also has great integrations with a bunch of web apps you’re probably already using.

Why it’s awesome:

  • Start tracking your time from any site
  • Heaps of integrations (Asana is my favourite)
  • Connects to an awesome web app

Add Toggl

4. The Great Suspender

Saves precious ram by suspending unused Chrome tabs

If you’re a tab hoarder (like me), this extension is about to be your saving grace. It works to reduce the amount of RAM you’re using by pausing the endless tabs sitting in endless windows on your mistreated internet browser.

Why it’s awesome:

  • Works in the background to optimise your browser’s performance
  • Incredibly simple user interface
  • Endless tabs are now a possibility

Add Great Suspender

5. Last Pass

Simple password management

Lass Pass is an all in one password management add-on. Ideal for anyone with more logins than you can poke a stick at, or anyone whose memory isn’t too flash. Best practice is to make your password for Lass Pass extra-special-strong, as this is containing the key to everything – a hackers wet-dream.

Why it’s awesome:

  • Automatic pop ups after you log in for the first time
  • Remembers multiple log-ins for each site, and updates passwords when they change
  • Take your passwords across devices, without having to enter them.

Add Last Pass

6. Grammarly

Never send a typo again

Grammarly is one of those must have addons, so much so that everyone reading this probably already has it. If you don’t have it, get it. It’s one of the best spell-checkers out there – and works pretty much anywhere you can input text.

Why it’s awesome:

  • Catches essentially all typos, spelling & grammar mistakes
  • Premium features are not shoved down your throat
  • Weekly email updates with data on your # words written, # errors, breadth of vocabulary (I wrote 54,044 words last week, damn)

Add Grammarly

7. Link Klipper

Grab links, export into CSV

Ever find yourself going through a web page constantly copying and pasting each link and bit of text? This saves that painful struggle. If you’re doing any kind of data gathering or research, this little extension is going to be a lifesaver for you.

Why it’s awesome:

  • Hotkey to enter link selector mode
  • Copy and paste all of the links & anchor texts directly from excel
  • Saves having to write Python or XML scripts

Add Link Klipper

8. Edit this Website

Mockup text on live web pages

This is a super cool Google Chrome extension for mocking up text changes to your (or any other) website. I love it because it massively speeds my workflow when I’m testing out new copy. Also a godsend for anyone without access to a websites content management system, as you can play with text, find what fits perfectly with the rest of the content, then send the text off to developers.

Also an excellent add-on for pranking your mates – if that’s what you’re into.

Why it’s awesome:

  • Edit on a page to test out different text arrangements – perfect for mockups
  • No coding skills needed (at all)
  • Edits only on your browser (not live / public facing)

Add Edit this Page

What have I missed? I’m always keen to learn about more awesome Google Chrome extensions – so feel free to email me directly, or drop a comment below!

Tim Dorrian
Managing Director / Founder

Tim kicked off Aro Digital from his flat back in 2017. Seeing digital campaigns go live and driving results for purpose-driven businesses is what makes him front flip out of bed in the morning. A parkour master, WWII bunker expert, and SEO whiz, Tim is as adventurous as he is passionate about all things digital. He’s on a mission to do every nature walk in Wellington, so if you know any hidden gems - let him know!