Aro Bootcamp

Free digital marketing education for anyone wanting to upskill in digital marketing. We're working to educate marketers on the tools of digital marketing. By providing practical on-tools training & strategies we're looking to help marketers level up their next endeavour.

Aro Bootcamp is a free workshop for marketers at any level who are interested in improving their digital marketing skills.

If you're looking for a better understanding of the strategies, metrics and platforms we use in digital marketing - this is for you!

We'll be covering all things digital marketing including:

- developing a digital marketing strategy

- how Google orders it's search results (and how to get to the top of Google)

- highly effective social media strategies

- how to track campaign performance

- how to track website performance

- what makes a great blog / content piece

- & much more

You'll be perfect for this workshop if:

- you are in the workforce but want to learn digital marketing fundamentals

- you're a university student who is soon to enter the workforce

- find yourself spending your free time researching new digital marketing techniques

- are looking for an opportunity to upskill before getting a "real job" in digital marketing

The workshops are hosted at AroHQ in Oriental Bay, Wellington.

We run these every few months - sign up below to apply for the next bootcamp!

Spaces for these Bootcamps are limited.

Why are we doing this?

One of our business goals is to elevate New Zealand's digital marketing skills - we think this is an awesome way to do that.

Plus, when we left school, we found it hard to get a job with the more academic skill set we had - we needed some "real-world" skills. This is an opportunity for those in a similar position to learn some of those skills.

Sometimes, we hire amazing people out of the back of our bootcamps - for paid digital marketing internships.

Feel free to pass this onto anyone who you think might benefit from this bootcamp.

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