Case Studies

Aro delivers results focused digital marketing solutions to organisations NZ wide.

Scoring 91.1% YOY Revenue Growth With Football CentralFootball Central


Football Central is a boutique football store based in Porirua, supplying a treasure trove of football products sourced both locally and from across the globe.

While their physical store presence and great customer service is strong, Football Central were unsure if their digital campaigns were giving them the return they needed. Of all their marketing channels, digital was the weak link and they were skeptical that it would be able to sustain and grow their business. Their previous investments in digital marketing lacked clarity and direction, leaving Football Central uncertain of the impact it was having on their bottom line.

Football Central put Aro Digital onto the pitch with a new strategy and digital approach to measure the metrics that matter, and achieve awesome year on year revenue result.


Launch a multi-channel strategy to:

1. Increase Traffic Year on Year

2. Increase Transactions Year on Year

3. Increase Revenue Growth Year on Year


"The team at Aro Digital have played a significant role in both our online strategy and recent online growth (91.1% year-on-year growth).

We've seen a surge in customer engagement and conversions since Aro started managing our adwords account in November 2020.

Their highly customisable analytics dashboard is where the magic happens. The data driven framework allows us to make decisions on the fly. More importantly it allows us to track our digital performance at a glance - which is really important for me as a small business owner.  

The Aro team, with both Connor and Elwin at the coalface have become an extension of our team. Their constant communication, insight and support continues to be superb!"

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Year on Year Traffic Increase
Year on Year Increase in Transactions
Year on Year Revenue Growth
How To: Gen Z survey engagementTe Ngāngara


Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington asked Aro Digital to run Te Ngāngara’s first-ever digital survey campaign. The engagement? Outstanding. We attained 1.6K completed survey responses in six weeks.

Prior, Te Ngāngara had a handful of responses via traditional methods like print media and school assemblies. They were also cold-calling potential focus group participants.

Aro Digital’s campaign motivated 1,600 rangatahi to complete the social media survey. Plus, the young survey-goers are now keen for future focus groups. 

Te Ngāngara’s team of academics flourished with our full suite of digital marketing action.


1. The goal was 1,000 survey engagements - and we got 2,999 survey starts!

2. Engaging young Māori Kiwis, aged 16-20 years old.

3. Resonating with Kiwi youth to inspire interest in future focus-group involvement.


“We would work with Aro Digital again because we now know what they do and how they do it - the power of the digital marketing that they implement. Aro Digital knew what we needed to get to young people, and where they’re at. They’re good at speaking their language! 

Aro understood that academic research can happen slowly compared to corporate business. Aro gets why the ethics process is important.

We’re a large bicultural team with Māori researchers, and the Aro team were really responsive and helpful with the questions they were asking. They were accommodating to our uniqueness.”

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Surveys Completed
Over Engagement Target
Māori participants, outperforming traditional methods
Amplifying the Māori COVID-19 response with KarawhiuaKarawhiua


Aro Digital was contracted to lead the digital Karawhiua campaign developed by Te Puni Kōkiri and Te Hiringa Hauora. The campaign was aimed at increasing awareness and uptake of the Covid-19 vaccination, specifically among Māori.

Although the Unite Against Covid campaign did a fantastic job at a centralised Covid-19 response, it was identified that a campaign that speaks to Māori was required for vaccination mobilisation for Māori in Aotearoa New Zealand.

There were a number of constraints, most notably walking a fine line between education and encouragement for getting a Covid-19 vaccine. The vaccine rollout timing was also uncertain, so considerations had to be made surrounding how to best promote messages within the uncertainty.


This campaign aimed to have an impact by:

1. Reducing vaccine hesitancy for Māori

2. Encouraging whānau conversations about Covid-19 vaccines

3. Reach 500k vaccinated Māori


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Total Impressions
Users to Website
Māori vaccinated
How to Recruit Tech Talent Digitally with LINZToitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand


Who is LINZ?

Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand, or LINZ, is an entity for public knowledge and awareness of people, places and property rights. They run surveys to help contribute to updated and accurate information, and ensure that data is well managed for future generations.

LINZ is developing a world-leading database system, and for that, they need more talent to drive this growth. However, recruiting talent for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) projects is a resourcing risk. Attracting suitable employees through traditional recruitment is expensive, and often only reaches active job seekers. With social media, we can inspire people who haven’t even (initially!) considered themselves as candidates.  

With Aro Digital, LINZ activated the capabilities of social media to reach potential new team members! This was the dawn of LINZ harnessing the fantastic efficacy of digital marketing.   

The data and insights gained during this LINZ campaign will help them propel future campaigns into success.


Toitū Te Whenua LINZ was seeking to communicate career opportunities and motivate people to apply for epic LINZ roles. 


• 30%+ lift in site traffic to career pages.

• 40-50 high intent talent leads.

In the process, we also verified the quality of results generated via digital approaches.


"Superb digital agency! Goes above and beyond and results were outstanding. They know what they're talking about and keep us in the loop. It was a dream and i'm excited to work with y'all again in future!"

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Form submissions generated on website
Increase in users on career pages
Making Summer Safer with High AlertHigh Alert


High Alert is an initiative aimed at keeping Kiwis up-to-date and informed with alerts about dangerous drugs. Individuals are prompted to subscribe by email in order to receive important updates regarding new drug trends or threats.

High Alert faced challenges due to advertising bans on illicit content. In order to side-step these obstacles that affected both their targeting and messaging, Aro helped High Alert to construct a unique digital strategy which allowed them to build brand exposure, message awareness and exponentially grow their subscriber base.


1. Launch the High Alert brand and generate mission awareness

2. Get subscribers to sign up for drug warning alerts


"The Aro Digital team really helped us hit the ground running and get our digital marketing approach right from the very start. The team always went above and beyond to support us and we really valued their expertise and professionalism. The campaign was a huge success and we’re looking forward to doing more great work with Aro in the future."

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New Zealanders reached
New Zealanders subscribed
increase in branded search queries
Scoring a Home-Run Using a Cross-Platform

Background is your one-stop-shop for all things property. They’re driven to provide useful property information to users through tools and features that you can actually trust. 

They’ve already seen some significant results across Social Media & Google Ads for their platform membership campaigns, so were curious to see if similar strategies would work in driving different website conversions, including ‘Favourite a Home’. 

To successfully drive the ‘Favourite a home’ website actions, it was crucial for us to give an incentive for these users to go to the site and perform this action. We achieved this through using a combination of Social Media, Google Ads & Display 360 strategies, which allowed us to reach every user possible, and to communicate the incentive in multiple ways.


1. Drive new & existing users to the site. 

2. Drive ‘Favourite Home’ Conversions from new & existing users.

3. Generate more sign-ups from the new users.


"The "Favourite a home you love" campaign was a big success for our business and the result of yet another great collaboration with AroHQ. During this project Aro worked extremely strongly in the areas of campaign ideation & refinement, building on the learnings of previous campaign results and taking the lead in all elements of campaign delivery for us. This campaign delivered strongly to our objectives of web traffic, engagement and growing our user base for future communications. We value the very honest transparent relationship we have with the Aro team - it means our work together is very focused, productive and a lot of fun!"

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Total 'Favourite a Home' Conversions
Of Total Conversions driven by Paid Ads
Increase in User Base
Can I Fly With This? Proving Behaviour Change with the CAACivil Aviation Authority


The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is responsible for keeping Kiwis safe and secure in the air. One part of this is making sure travellers know what they can and can’t pack for their flights. 

At the start of 2021, travel rules were updated so that any loose or spare batteries were now only allowed to be carried on, rather than checked in. Initially, the CAA tried to communicate these changes through the use of traditional tactics, but the message seemed to be getting lost in the hustle and bustle of the airport.

The CAA needed to find a way to reach people well before they’d even booked the Uber to the airport – so they turned to digital. Focusing on the cities where the challenge was the largest, Aro helped to develop a cross-channel strategy that used clear messaging and smart targeting to successfully change behaviour in Kiwi travellers.


Reduce the number of relinquished items to achieve:

1. More sustainable airport security operations 

2. Improved passenger experience

3. Save security staff time - with less bag searches required


"Aro Digital knows how to reach hard-to-target audiences and understand what works to change behaviour. The team’s talent is matched by their enthusiasm. This campaign exceeded our objectives and we’ve gone on to run another campaign with Aro, with the same astounding (and cost-effective) results."

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New Zealanders Reached
fewer batteries relinquished in Wellington
fewer batteries relinquished in Queenstown
Achieving 1,528% ROI and Managing 270k FollowersHurricanes


The Hurricanes were looking to prove the efficacy of their digital campaign spend and desperately needed to find a solution so they could better understand their direct return on investment. Having to think outside the box, we implemented a number of workaround solutions to successfully track and measure membership transactions (and the value) that were made on a third-party booking platform. We then launched a 2-stage funnel and staggered campaign strategy across Facebook and Instagram to deliver incredible results and take their social game to the next level.


1. Setup correct tracking & measurement to measure membership sales

2. Increase conversions from social campaigns YoY

3. Drive consideration of new membership and ticket offerings


"The Aro team have enabled the Hurricanes to deliver targeted customer journeys across our email, social and website platforms - ultimately improved our customer's digital experience. Aro also implemented a dashboard that tracked memberships by channel, device and demographic. This dashboard coupled with the strategic and tactical support from Tim, Jonty and the team enabled optimisation across the membership campaign."

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Total Campaign Reach
Campaign ROI
Followers Managed
Powering Up Meridian Energy With SEOMeridian Energy


Meridian Energy is NZs largest generator of electricity from renewable sources. They’ve been seeing great success on paid and organic channels for some time. But, with Google only getting more competitive, they looked to Aro to supercharge their organic performance.

To significantly move the needle in a dynamic search environment, it was crucial for us to get creative on how we approached the SEO strategy. By chipping away at all major search engine ranking factors we were able to generate some pretty shocking results - we’re not talking short-circuits.


1. Increase annual organic sessions by 10%

2. Grow annual B2C conversions by 10%

3. Expand Meridian’s backlink profile by 8%


"The team at Aro Digital has helped us to build our SEO strategy and worked closely with us to achieve organic growth. We really appreciate their SEO expertise and how easy they are to work with. Big thanks for the ongoing strategic and tactical support - we’ve achieved great results in the SEO space after just a few months!"

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increase in organic sessions (YoY)
increase in non-brand organic clicks (YoY)
increase in B2C conversions (YoY)
Getting More New Zealanders to Invest-NowInvestNow


InvestNow is an online platform that makes investing easy. InvestNow are all about removing the hassle and the middle-man to grow their clients investing success.

They have experienced excellent growth over their first two years of business - and wanted to move the needle even further. After a number of in-depth discussions, we discovered a number of digital strategies that could launch their business to the next level.

InvestNow sits within a highly competitive environment, so in order to drive the growth we were looking to achieve we had to adapt our campaign and messaging techniques, and ensure that our budget was spent in the right areas. This was achieved through a full-scale digital strategy that helped us classify all the various customer segments, align channel objectives, and forecast expected results. 


1. Increase the total sum of funds under management

2. Increase the total number of signups to the platform

3. Drive leads through social and paid search using InvestNow’s LikeMe tool


“Our first two years, since launch, had delivered the growth targets we had expected but it also showed us there was significant upside potential - we needed someone to help us realise the opportunity.  Aro Digital gave us the solution - a team of digital marketing experts with a proven and highly-respected track record.  We are only a few months into working with Tim, Jonty & Lucy and the numbers don’t lie … we are seeing record growth in our business”

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Increase in Leads Generated through the LikeMe tool
Increase in Total Platform Sign Ups
Decrease in CPA across all Conversions
Award-Winning Digital Tools for Mental HealthTe Hiringa Hauora & Clearhead


Small Steps is a collaboration between Te Hiringa Hauora (now Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand) and Clearhead, providing Kiwis with free digital tools to help improve hauora / wellbeing. 

A key priority in Aotearoa is more accessibility of mental health tools. 78% of New Zealanders either have experienced mental health/addiction challenges, or they know someone who have faced these challenges (Te Hiringa Hauora/ Health Promotion Agency, 2018/19). And that's just the percentage of people we're aware of! We've always wanted to do something to help heal this.

In early 2021, Small Steps was created to offer just that - a small step for people to take in their journey. This aided people’s progress towards maintaining wellness, finding relief, or getting help for themselves, friends or whānau. 

Aro worked alongside a team of public and private stakeholders to develop a digital strategy for bringing this crucial mahi to New Zealanders. Small Steps’ campaign spoke to the priority audiences of Māori, Pasifika and youth. We ensured Small Steps is easily accessible for anyone proactively searching for mental health tools.


We are aiming to help increase mental wellbeing among rangatahi.


1. Build brand awareness.

2. Increase Small Steps tool usage.

3. Grow engagement with Māori & Pasifika rangitahi.


The main thing about Aro is that you can trust the team to get sh*t done. You don’t have to be in the details, you just need to briefly say what you want, You come back, and it’s there and it’s better! Trustworthy, easy to work with, I have faith in knowing they’ve got the finer details.

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Website Sessions
Search & Display Clicks
CPC, NZ Average is $1.97
Spending Less to Increase Revenue with Red CrossRed Cross


We reduced Red Cross's Google Ads spend by 75% while increasing overall revenue by 9% over the same period. By focusing our spend on non-brand terms, we able to spend money on ads that were driving new customers, rather than reaching current customers.


1. Increase Total Revenue

2. Acquire New Customers

3. Reduce Google Ads Cost


"Tim and Jonty and the team at Aro Digital have really helped our marketing and comms team at New Zealand Red Cross to improve our understanding across digital marketing, from Google Ads to Facebook campaigns to organic content. They're really helpful and professional. We've still got quite a way to go, which means lots more plans for Aro to continue helping us on our journey!"

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Increase in Total Revenue
Decrease in Google Ads Spend
Increase in Organic Revenue
Taking Retail Online with Wellington BBQsWellington BBQs & Fire


Wellington BBQs & Fire is a well established local business. Selling a variety of products, ranging from BBQs, Fireplaces and Spa Pools. You might have popped in to one of their stores in Lyall Bay or Petone.

Previously working with another local digital agency to run their Google Ads account, they were being left in the dark about what was going on under the hood.


1. Grow market share in BBQ, Fireplace & Spa digital landscape

2. Drive leads (product enquiries & phone calls)

3. Drive people to physical stores


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Increase in Clicks
Decrease in Cost
Happy Client
Last Minute Xmas Shopping with Canopy CampingCanopy Camping


Canopy Camping hosts New Zealand's most incredible overnight stays. If you haven't been on one yet - we highly recommend you check out the Canopy Camping website.

We wanted to massively increase the number of voucher sales for Christmas 2018. Canopy Camping vouchers make an excellent gift - especially for those last minute shoppers who may be a little behind schedule.

Considering the visual appeal of this product, we decided to run a Social Media campaign on Facebook and Instagram to increase the number of pre-Christmas voucher sales.


1. Increase total Voucher Sales

2. Increase average order value of Voucher Sales

3. Maintain a low cost per acquisition


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Increase in Voucher Sales from Social (MoM)
Increase in toal Voucher Sales (MoM)
Increase in Users (MoM)
Growing a Natural Skincare Business with Atopisatopis


Atopis is a New Zealand skin care company that launched in early 2017. At the time their product line consisted of  core products; dry itchy skin cream (for eczema), acne prone skin cream, and anti-aging cream.

The business decided to stick to online as their only means of sales and partnered with a digital agency. However, after 7 months of promoting products through paid search, social media, and other platforms they were just not seeing the return they were hoping for.

Atopis reached out to us and after a chit-chat we decided we'd love to work together.


1. Increase traffic through to their product offering

2. Increase overall sales and revenue

3. Hit an ROI of at least 200%


Aro Digital’s overhaul and rationalisation of our AdWords marketing campaigns have slashed our cost on keywords and given us an average ROI +180% on our direct digital marketing spend. Smart and savvy, these guys cut to the chase, increased our online profits and kept us firmly in the driver’s seat with excellent reporting.

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Increase in Clicks
Increase in Sales
Increase in Revenue