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Impact Hour
Free marketing education & consultation for purpose driven businesses. We're keen to see more awesome ideas take off. So if you've got a startup, social enterprise or charity that's looking to help more people, we want to help you! For us, it's all about growing local & awesome ideas.
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Aro Bootcamp
Free digital marketing education for uni students. We're working to bridge the gap between tertiary education and the workplace. By providing practical on-tools training & strategies we're looking to help students level up their next endeavour.
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Digital Marketing Workshops
Workshops crafted to help teams identify objectives, and develop digital marketing skillsets to smash them. Oh - and they can be done online!
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AroHQ is two things - 1) Our epic office in Oriental Bay, and 2) A Slack community for digital marketers to co-learn, build connections, ask questions, and share 🔥 content.
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