Empowering Social Enterprises

We love using our digital wizardry to make a positive impact across our environment, communities and beyond.

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We love working with impact businesses

Impactful Social Outcomes.

For Social Enterprises striving to achieve positive social objectives, it can be challenging to find a digital marketing partner that has the skills and experience, but also aligns with their values and mission.

Working with passionate, purpose-driven organisations and initiatives is what gets us out of the bed in the morning. Ultimately, it’s why we do what we do.

Like most Social Enterprises, you’re probably extremely busy doing your essential mahi and don’t have time to proactively manage your social enterprises’ digital marketing. If we’re able to take this off your plate and create more time for you and your team to dedicate to your cause, that’s an absolutely massive win! 

We want to help purpose driven organisations like yours have the maximum impact possible while building awareness around your mission and encouraging active support and community engagement. 

At the heart of this kaupapa:

  • Impact Partners - It all starts with working with the people having the most positive impact
  • Google Grant Scheme - Not for profits can apply for up to $10k a month worth of Google Ad spend - we can help your team utilise this effectively to drive change
  • Organic Social - Advising on ideal platforms and how get the most out of them
  • Website improvements - Levelling up your site to engage and inform visitors
  • Kōrero - Talking to experts in your team to develop an accurate and inspiring digital campaign
  • Creative - Reimagining your existing photos and videos to build engaging campaigns cost-effectively
  • Search - Leveraging our deep understanding of how people search to reach people when they’re seeking information and answers
  • Reporting - Developing measurement plans to stay aligned on real world and digital metrics. Visualising this information for informed decision making

At Aro, we’re committed to growing awesome ideas that spark positive change in the world. 

We’d love to chat with you and your team about how we could join the movement and work collaboratively to drive your social initiative forward. This mahi is dear to our hearts, ultimately we want to use our digital superpowers for good...like Captain Planet.

How We Can Help You

Our specialist expertise for giving your business or organisation the tools to smash your digital goals and grow in meaningful ways.

Digital Marketing Education

Empower your team with digital marketing workshops tailored to your needs

Analytics & Insights

Collecting, visualising, and analysing website & marketing data for well-informed decisions

Paid Search

Paid search is a powerful way to convert users and drive traffic to your website


Unleash the power of the front page and grow your organic reach with our SEO magic

Social Media

Creating kick-ass social media campaigns that engage and convert audiences

Case Studies

Our case studies will walk you through our campaigns from start to success.

Increase in Total Revenue
Increase in Organic Revenue
Increase in Organic Revenue

Spending Less to Increase Revenue with Red Cross

Red Cross came to Aro to find innovative ways to drive awareness and community support around their humanitarian mission while getting the most out of a lean advertising budget - we relished the challenge and created a strategy to do just that.

What Does The Process Look Like?

Who doesn't love a good process? When you work with us, our team of experts will be with you for each step of the journey.


The Game Plan

A tailored digital strategy that details our approach to achieving positive social and community outcomes.

We’ll explore the ideal approach to:

  • Campaign messaging for key outcomes
  • Raising awareness and encouraging action
  • Meaningfully connect with your audience and community


The Foundation

Building the foundations of your digital campaigns to prepare for a seamless and impactful launch.

We’ll setup and craft:

  • Ad copy and creatives
  • Audience targeting & retargeting
  • Analytics & reporting dashboard
  • Seamless processes for your team to track campaign progress


Go Live & Ongoing Management

Managing your campaigns and actively improving engagement and key actions through regular testing and optimisation across the platforms.

We’ll take care of:

  • Social & search advertising communications
  • Optimising budget allocation for best results
  • Performance reporting, analytics and data visualisation

You're In Safe Hands


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