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Organic search is the best platform for capturing users and leads because it is free, but it can be hard to rank your website well organically. Here at Aro, we take a transparent and data-driven SEO approach to level up your organic search and help you capture bucket loads of organic traffic.

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Level up your organic search

Organic search traffic usually accounts for over 50% of all website traffic. And it’s free. Why wouldn’t you use search engine optimisation to enhance your ability to rank and capture more organic traffic?

When someone type’s something in Google, they have a need they are trying to satisfy. The aim of SEO is to put your business in front of those who are seeking the solution you offer. Our SEO strategy is all about helping your website take over the first page of search engine results and leveling up your organic growth.

Simply put, our SEO services will improve your websites visibility, organic rankings, click-through rate and your overall user experience. We’re not just optimising the page for Google, we’re optimising the page with your users in mind. 

We drive results that achieve your KPI’s

Improving your organic rankings can have an astronomical impact on your incoming traffic. Even increasing your ranking by one spot can improve your CTR by up to 30%.

Not only are we committed to achieving these results for you, but we’re committed to delivering our SEO services transparently. The impact of our results can be visualised on your personal, tailored dashboard.

Our SEO approach drives results. Not only is our game-plan rock solid, but we’re here to listen to you and collaborate with your team on the best way to communicate with your users.

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No path set in stone - our approach

We understand that no two websites are the same. That’s why we tailor our SEO services to fit your needs and marketing strategy.

Already have a PPC campaign running? Perfect, we’ll optimise your SEO to complement your current strategy.

New to search engine optimisation and wanting to cover all your bases? We’ve got you covered. 

We’re here to make SEO easy for you, our goal is to help grow your business organically and inexpensively.

Although our approach to each company is unique, we deliver a complete SEO package that will usually include all or some of the following elements:

1. Keyword Research & Implementation

We’ll identify which keywords are the most valuable for driving traffic to your business and implement them seamlessly into your copy & meta data. 

2. User Experience Audit & Action Steps

Mobile first indexing is now, it is essential that your users can have a smooth experience on your site across all platforms. Think loading times, image optimisation and accessibility.

3. Link Profile Examination & Backlink Building Strategy

Every link you have to your page is like a vote of confidence about it’s quality, telling Google that your page has credible content. But not all links are made equal or help your SEO, we’ll help you unravel this and navigate your way to a healthy and growing link profile.


Social Media

Social Media is an excellent platform for any business who want to engage with new or existing customers. At Aro Digital we live and breathe social, and are seasoned specialists in developing kick-ass social media advertising strategies and campaigns that get the results you need to see your business grow!

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Social Media Drives Results

Your customers are active on social media - are you too?

Right now there are 1.5 billion daily active users on Facebook & 500 million on Instagram.

That's a lot of people! And, a lot of content.

We're here to help you break through the social feed to get in front of your customers.

By constantly innovating with social ad formats, placements and platforms, we're always ensuring that you can deliver your message to the right people, in the right place, and get the right results!

Find Your Perfect Audience

We seperate out your audiences by where they are in the purchase journey. Our tried and true funnel strategy helps drive potential customers towards a conversion.

1. Awareness
Audiences that have never seen or heard of your business. We can do a variety of demographic (age, gender, & location) and psychographic (interests & lifestyles) targeting.

2. Consideration
Retargeting groups of people who have engaged with your website or content before.

3. Conversion
People who have conducted high-intent actions on your website. Maybe they've been on the site for 5 minutes, viewed a pricing page, or added a product to the cart. This group is a high quality audience that we can get a great ROI from.

Focusing on a staged funnel process means we're delivering the right message to the right audience. This improves the customers Ad Experience, and helps drive for better results from your social spend.

Measuring & Maximising Results

The advantage of Social Media marketing is that it's incredibly measurable.

We're committed to understanding and improving your return on investment (ROI) from Social Media.

Running tests on what ads, audiences, and strategies are performing best is our bread & butter.

The beauty of the Facebook Pixel is that we can understand when users have converted from our ads. This gives us valuable information that allows us to optimise ads by audience, placement, budget, and platform.

We're experts when it comes to the Facebook Pixel, with some of the most advanced technical Social Media marketing builds in New Zealand.

All of this helps us get the best bang for your marketing buck, and keep you in the loop with easy to understand performance stats.

Analytics & Insights

Data is the new gold - you need to be utilising it for your teams business and marketing decisions. We ensure you're capturing a crystal clear picture of what's happening on your website, and how your marketing is performing - allowing you to improve your customers experiences and bang-for-marketing-buck.

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Collect The Right Data For Powerful Insights

Make the right decisions from data you can trust.

To get the most out of your web platforms you need to accurately track, measure and report audience behaviour, return on investment, and everything in between.

We're experts when it comes to analytics - and will setup everything needed to capture all marketing and website activity.

Once collected, we'll analyse your data to drive insights and potential improvements for your online activity.

Tailored Reporting & Visualisation Tools

The more you understand how your customers interact with your online experience, the more effective your digital marketing will be.

To achieve this, our goal is to make your complex analytics and marketing data, simple and easy to understand.

This is done through helping businesses find real insights that actually improve marketing and website performance.

We combine all your data (including LinkedIn, Facebook, Search Console, Google Ads and Google Analytics) into one reporting dashboard.

We'll tailor this to your unique business objectives and KPIs for useful, real-time or comparative reporting (e.g. MoM, YoY).

Go Beyond The Data

Even though we think like geeks, we are business strategists at heart.

Helping you make sense of all the data and how certain decisions feed into your bottom line is a critical element to how we operate.

We’ll tie online engagement, action and conversion back to the tangible business outcomes you really care about.

Google Ads

Google Ads is the ideal platform to get your website in front of quality audiences. We call it Demand Satisfaction - when customers have something they're looking to achieve, and you provide an easy journey to help them achieve it.

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Get Found on Google

With over 3.5 billion searches daily, Google Ads is a great way to get your business in front of high-intent potential customers.

We're here to get you ranking first for searches that are highly relevant to your business.

When someone Googles - they have a desire they're trying to satisfy. We call this Demand Satisfaction.

It’s a no-brainer that someone searching for "Google Ads Management in Wellington" is probably looking for…. well, a Google Ads agency in Wellington .

The group of people searching for your product or service are one of the highest quality audiences available.

It's our job to get your website visible for these quality searchers.

Beyond Valuable Searches

With careful research and on-going testing, we can identify what searches or placements are most valuable to your business.

From there it’s all about curating specific messaging, relevant to each search.

The goal is to provide tailored messaging to customers, that resonates with their specific wants & desires.

This can be done through multiple touch-points on Google Ads:

A. Google Search Ads – The New Yellow Pages
Our bread & butter. Putting text-based advertisements in Google Search Results and directing users to your website. These subtle advertisements appear similar to a normal organic search result, helping your business get to the top page of Google.

B. Google Shopping Ads – Your Online Catalog
Putting your physical product, with images, price and features directly in the search results.

C. Display Ads
– Online Billboards
Targeting ‘banner ads’ to specific audiences & pages. Can also be remarketed at current/previous customers. Great way to gain awareness.

D. YouTube Advertising
– Online TV adverts
Attaching your branded videos to specific users, or content. If there are specific content creators your audience resonates with, this is a great way to associate your product.

Google Ads Drive Results

We've got a rock-solid approach to driving long-term results on Google Ads.

It all comes down to our Google Ads approach:

1. User-centric - Questioning how we can provide as much value to users as possible. Asking ourselves - what information is this user looking for? How can we solve their pain points? Often this comes back to tailored messaging and a quality website experience.

2. Mix data with intuition - Make decisions based on data and experience - understand what we do and don't yet know. Optimise campaigns with real and actionable data, making every penny count.

3. Don't take shortcuts - A good account starts with the right build. Going that extra mile when researching and structuring your build will help us further down the line.

4. Test, test & test again - The online world is ever changing, and so must your account. Seeking new opportunities, testing theories and second-guessing are some of the ways we keep your account healthy.

As a Google Partner we managed over $1 million of Kiwi marketing dollars on the Google Ads platform in 2018. Interested in experiencing our Google Ads approach?

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Streamline your digital marketing delivery through Aro Digital. Your ads, your audiences, your conversions, your reporting. All under one roof. An advanced enterprise-level programmatic buying platform that enables lead capture with precision you've never seen before. With Google Marketing Platform we have access to more powerful marketing tools, the leverage of machine learning and unified reporting across all digital platforms.

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Digital Media Buying

The Google Marketing Platform gives us the capability to create, deliver, and optimise across all your digital ad channels. 

To put it simply, programmatic is a way to buy and optimise digital advertising. It provides access to advertising space on popular websites (think of it like the ad you might see on the right hand side of a news article). Programmatic combines display ads with high quality audiences and detailed reporting. It’s all about creating quality ad experiences and generating a positive return on investment. 

The stats speak for themselves, in the US more than ⅔ of display ad spend is going towards programmatic, this translates to more than 92.7 billion NZD.
Now, Aro Digital is connecting Kiwi businesses with corporate level marketing tools, right here, in Aotearoa.

Bigger & Smarter Marketing Capacity 

Google Marketing Platform takes your Typical Paid Search & Display campaigns to a new level. Greater efficiency is the obvious upside, but what other features are we looking at?

  • Access to hundreds of channels. Display your campaigns on the likes of TVNZ, Youtube, TradeMe, Spotify,, NZherald and many more.
  • A refined media buying process. Not only is the process made 10 times simpler but you get; Unlimited ad variations, realtime remarketing, ads delivered to high intent users, and full reporting abilities
  • All your digital advertising under one roof. Google ads, Facebook, Display, Video and Audio. All in one place, all through Aro Digital.

A Unified Digital Journey And Delivery

With the programmatic advertising spend in New Zealand increasing by an average of 50%, year on year, it's obvious there is more to it than meets the eye. 

  • Channel management. Deliver and optimise campaigns across multiple channels and search engines.
  • Smart bid strategies. Centralised real-time optimisations powered by machine learning.
  • More ad placement options. Bigger ad inventory across display, video and audio channels
  • Enhanced audiences. Build, manage and analyse with the audience module. Create and customise audiences to easily reach users that have never been accessible before. 
  • Reporting tools. Report and attribute across all channels in one central location, leading to a more accurate prediction of future performance.

It is the unification of all these features that makes the Google Marketing Platform a true advancement from the stock standard paid search & display. 

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