AroHQ & Aro 236

Welcome to Aro Hq and Aro 236 –our epic office spaces on Oriental Parade where the digital marketing magic happens!

Welcome to Aro HQ!

Our OG seaside space allows the team to have a great balance of work and play. 

On Monday mornings you’ll catch us getting energised for the week ahead in our sunny Kea Room (sometimes with the help of Aro FM.)

Then come Friday arvo, we take to the balcony (or sometimes the beach) to reflect and wind down from what’s always been a massive week.

There’s plenty of free lunchtime entertainment

As digital marketers, it's important to make sure we get a break from our screens now and then.

With Oriental Bay on our doorstep, summers at Aro are full of lunchtime swims, cricket games and even basketball tournaments at the court down the road.

And in the colder months (or if we just don’t feel like leaving the office), our view over Wellington Harbour is perfect for whale and dolphin spotting!

Don’t forget the refueling options

No two days are the same in the Aro office. Luckily we have a bunch of ways to fuel up so we can keep smashing results!

From the coffee machine (stocked with fresh beans from our mates at Coffee Supreme), to the beloved snack jar which is kept full of treats thanks to our office mum.

We’re also lucky enough to have Beach Babylon (and the best cheese scones in Wellington) just downstairs, as well as plenty of spots for the occasional ice cream run.

Now introducing...Aro 236!

While the Aro fam has grown a lot over the years, our HQ hasn’t changed much.

We knew we needed to find more room in order to keep bringing awesome people onboard, but we really didn’t want to give up being on Oriental Parade.

In comes Aro 236! 

Two doors down from Aro HQ, our second office space has the same wicked sea views.

Aro 236 is home to a spacious new boardroom, cosy meeting space and collaborative hotdesking options. 

These new spaces make it the perfect place to host clients, educate through workshops, and give us a little more room to work as a team. 

And it’s just a bonus that our new space accommodates our favourite doggy guests!

If you're keen to check out Aro HQ or Aro 236 for yourself, we host a bunch of events in both spaces - follow us on Aro Digital's LinkedIn to stay up to date with what’s going on!

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