Kyle Rayner


Performance Specialist


"Strong Wellington Barista Vibes"

Dubai gifted us with Kyle, and what a delight he is! His background in Marketing & Information Systems led him to Aro, but his fabulous barista skills are why we keep him around (jk - he’s a very talented analyst). In a cruel twist of fate, Kyle is allergic to dogs in an office full of dogs. But in true Kyle-style, he keeps an inhaler on hand for any emergency pats. An F1 fanatic, undercover website coder & self proclaimed professional lego artist - what can’t Kyle do? (Besides pat dogs…)


  1. Google sheets
  2. CGI detection skills
  3. Hydration


  1. Toasters
  2. Loud chewing
  3. Pronouncing the word “attentive”

Kyle's Recent Projects

Increase in Total Revenue
Increase in Organic Revenue
Increase in Organic Revenue

Spending Less to Increase Revenue with Red Cross

Red Cross came to Aro to find innovative ways to drive awareness and community support around their humanitarian mission while getting the most out of a lean advertising budget - we relished the challenge and created a strategy to do just that.

Surveys Completed
Māori participants
Māori participants

How To: Gen Z survey engagement

Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington needed Aro to boost participation with a crucial yet hard to reach audience for Te Ngāngara’s first ever digital survey.


From Gavels to Google - Digital Marketing Success For Lane Neave Lawyers

The Lane Neave team came to us in the winter of 2022 looking for a great digital marketing partner who could support them in building brand awareness and producing high-quality leads.

Kyle's Latest Blog Posts

Choosing an SEO Friendly Startup Name & A Guide for Those That Stuffed Up

Learn how to choose an SEO-friendly startup name with a focus on search competition, ease of spelling and relevance, and what to do if you've already named your business.

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