Scoring a Home-Run Using a Cross-Platform Strategy
Total 'Favourite a Home' Conversions
Of Total Conversions driven by Paid Ads
Increase in User Base

Background is your one-stop-shop for all things property. They’re driven to provide useful property information to users through tools and features that you can actually trust. 

They’ve already seen some significant results across Social Media & Google Ads for their platform membership campaigns, so were curious to see if similar strategies would work in driving different website conversions, including ‘Favourite a Home’. 

To successfully drive the ‘Favourite a home’ website actions, it was crucial for us to give an incentive for these users to go to the site and perform this action. We achieved this through using a combination of Social Media, Google Ads & Display 360 strategies, which allowed us to reach every user possible, and to communicate the incentive in multiple ways.


1. Drive new & existing users to the site. 

2. Drive ‘Favourite Home’ Conversions from new & existing users.

3. Generate more sign-ups from the new users.



Our social strategy was to leverage organic through paid social, focusing on Facebook. initially posted a giveaway (the incentive), and we used paid social to deliver this ad, along with 4 other test ads, to relevant audiences. 

For paid social we used a 2-stage funnel approach, using both a Traffic and Conversion campaign for our Step 1 prospecting ads, and then a Conversion campaign for our Step 2 Retargeting ads. 

  • The first stage of our funnel targeted broad audiences such as New Zealand cities, and people living in New Zealand with property interests. The platform is made for anybody interested in property - so we kept the targeting super broad for maximum results. 
  • The second stage of our funnel retargeting website visitors, social engagers (people who know the brand), and users who had not yet taken the ‘Favourite home’ action on the site. 
Incentive-driven Facebook Ad.

Display & Video 360 (DV360):

We leveraged DV360 to a re-marketing campaign to re-engage an audience of site visitors who had not yet entered the competition by creating an account. We tested several creative versions across multiple inventory sizes to optimise the effectiveness of our competition reminder messaging. By using four strong call to action messages, we were able to successfully re-attract users familiar with the brand back to the site. 

Google Search: 

In comparison to Social and DV360, our search campaigns were smaller scale, however, still crucial to creating a successful all-rounder strategy. We adjusted our ‘Brand’ ads to include messaging specific to the on-going Favourite A Home competition. We created a funnel, showing users making google searches for the Homes brand, brand specific campaigns focused on the competition. Then leading these users straight to specific landing pages where they can convert by favoriting their home. 

Our Impact: 

  • Paid ads drove 32% of the total ‘Favourited Homes’ conversions during our campaign period.
  • Generated an 11% increase in total platform users.


"The "Favourite a home you love" campaign was a big success for our business and the result of yet another great collaboration with AroHQ. During this project Aro worked extremely strongly in the areas of campaign ideation & refinement, building on the learnings of previous campaign results and taking the lead in all elements of campaign delivery for us. This campaign delivered strongly to our objectives of web traffic, engagement and growing our user base for future communications. We value the very honest transparent relationship we have with the Aro team - it means our work together is very focused, productive and a lot of fun!"

Suzanne de Geus

Head of Marketing at

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