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The Hurricanes were looking to prove the efficacy of their digital campaign spend and desperately needed to find a solution so they could better understand their direct return on investment. Having to think outside the box, we implemented a number of workaround solutions to successfully track and measure membership transactions (and the value) that were made on a third-party booking platform. We then launched a 2-stage funnel and staggered campaign strategy across Facebook and Instagram to deliver incredible results and take their social game to the next level.


1. Setup correct tracking & measurement to measure membership sales

2. Increase conversions from social campaigns YoY

3. Drive consideration of new membership and ticket offerings


A collaborative effort between Hurricanes Rugby and Aro helped create a more refined, tactile approach to their digital campaign strategy for driving 2019 membership sales.

Tracking & Measurement

Using a combination of Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics we were able to successful track all valuable actions across the memberships pages, such as 'fetch a friend', 'request a call back' and more. We liaised with a 3rd party booking provider to install code onto their site through GTM so we could measure the entire customer journey (from landing page right through to booking confirmation). We then created a transaction layer on top and sent this information to both Google Analytics and Facebook.

From there we setup a Google Data Studio dashboard to visualise and report on top level membership performance, as well as diving further into channel specific performance throughout additional pages.

Social Campaign Strategy

For social, we created two campaign types; a prospecting audience focusing on spreading awareness and driving tracking to the Hurricanes membership page. We heavily lent on the use of video assets to drive 1000s of watches, link clicks and membership purchases. This campaign inadvertently saw a higher ROI (1910%) than step 2 and drove more conversions.

Within the second campaign was our retargeting layer: focused on ad engagement, site visitors and previous members. We served up personalised messaging to each of these audiences and used a combination of carousal, event, video and single image ads to drive traffic and membership conversions.


"The Aro team have enabled the Hurricanes to deliver targeted customer journeys across our email, social and website platforms - ultimately improved our customer's digital experience. Aro also implemented a dashboard that tracked memberships by channel, device and demographic. This dashboard coupled with the strategic and tactical support from Tim, Jonty and the team enabled optimisation across the membership campaign."

Jimmy Fastier

Marketing Manager

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