From Gavels to Google - Digital Marketing Success For Lane Neave Lawyers

The Lane Neave team came to us in the winter of 2022 looking for a great digital marketing partner who could support them in building brand awareness and producing high-quality leads. We rose to the challenge by developing a full-funnel strategy that utilises paid search and social, display ads, and completed an SEO project to improve their organic rankings!

Our Impact

Site Clicks
Site Clicks

The Strategy


The Lane Neave team came to us in the winter of 2022 looking for a great digital marketing partner who could support them in building brand awareness and producing high-quality leads.

Lane Neave Lawyers have been making the complex simple for an impressive 150 years. With extremely talented legal experts across the legal spectrum, their comprehensive services cater to both personal and business needs across a wide range of areas.

We rose to the challenge by developing a full-funnel strategy that utilises paid search and social, display ads, and completed an SEO project to improve their organic rankings!


Our task was to successfully activate a full-funnel digital marketing strategy to generate: 

  • Quality awareness and traffic with relevant audiences
  • Resulting in high-quality leads
  • At an effective cost per lead

How did we do it?


When approaching the digital marketing strategy for Lane Neave, we knew we wanted to apply a full-funnel method.  We decided to run ads across Google Search, Display, Meta and LinkedIn to achieve a balance between demand generation and demand satisfaction.

Needing a lawyer can be a deeply personal time in people's lives. Whether it’s for business or private needs, trust is a large component. We decided to build trust with quality connections on social platforms and satisfy the demand that generated with a targeted search campaign.

Generating Quality Awareness - Social & Display 

How often have you scrolled through Facebook and realised you need a lawyer? Not everyone needs legal advice or assistance, especially when they’re late-night scrolling. So how do we deliver quality leads on these demand-generation platforms? 

At the top of our funnel, we utilise Meta, LinkedIn and Google Display ads to present Lane Neave as the go-to legal experts and back up that claim with relevant and timely articles. Combined with a heap of scroll-stoping designs, this forms the foundation of our demand generation approach. 

Experts Across The Legal Spectrum - Brand positioning

Lane Neave has a wide range of expertise across private and business law. Communicating that breadth through eye-catching creative was an important first step. We developed ads that caught people’s attention and made the most of Lane Neave’s beautiful and professional brand.

Meta rewards a multi-format approach, so we incorporated dynamic ads into our campaigns. Dynamic ads are fantastic at letting the Meta algorithm present the most relevant mix of ad copy, creative, and headlines to the right audience. We were able to leverage the wide variety of legal services Lane Neave provides and make it hyper-relevant to the audience in a single, dynamic ad. 

Dynamic ads like this have generated 25% of all Meta contacts at a 51% lower cost per contact. 

On LinkedIn, we celebrated the team’s successes like being recognised by the Best Lawyers legal directory or through testimonials. This further legitimised how trustworthy their legal team is considered by high-quality, corporate decision-makers.

In addition to showing the breadth of what Lane Neave can offer, we also spotlighted specific services.

The visa experts ad has remained one of our all-time best performers with 25% of all contacts on Meta. On LinkedIn, this service highlight approach has generated 34% of contacts.

This visual approach works solo and also combined into a carousel.

Unlocking Lane Neave’s Gold Mine - Content Qualification

Let’s return to that user who is scrolling through social media. When things like interest targeting or demographics can’t be used (because everyone at some point in life will likely need a lawyer), how do you reach the right people at the right time? 

Enter content qualification! This approach on demand generation platforms is so successful because people will self-qualify with content relevant to their current situation, and allows us to retarget them with related services. 

And the team at Lane Neave are fantastic at producing timely, relevant content across both their personal and business law services. We collaborated closely with the Lane Neave team to identify trends on social for them to share their expert knowledge on, from securing a first home to the liability of crypto influencers.

Content lead ads generated hundreds of thousands of impressions, tens of thousands of website sessions, and click-through rates peaking above 3.4% – nearly four times the industry average!

Thought leadership content didn’t just strengthen their branding. It converted. 30% of all contacts across Meta and LinkedIn were generated from a content qualification approach.

People are time-poor, especially when it comes to complex ‘life admin’ or staying in the loop with legal updates. Ads that proactively informed people about deeply personal topics like family trusts were extremely successful. We earned the audience’s trust and inspired them to get in touch with Lane Neave.

On LinkedIn, professionals wanted a proactive partner to respond to legal and regulatory developments and explain the implications for them. 

The ‘explained’ approach to changes that could impact businesses was one of our most successful at bringing professionals through to the Lane Neave website with click-through rates 287% above the industry average. 

Wins from Social & Display 

Our click-through rates across LinkedIn, Meta, and Display were consistently above the industry average at +38%, +66% and +53% respectively!

Additionally, we’ve seen 25% of all contacts originate from demand generation platforms with massive success on Meta. 

Capturing Intent - Paid Search & SEO

Now that we have positioned Lane Neave as the trusted legal experts when people need a lawyer, paid and organic search is there to capture their intent. 

Increasing Organic Search Results

While 37% of all site traffic was the result of paid activity, Lane Neave wanted to maximise the impact of organic search. 

Enter an SEO project. 

The goal for this project was to increase non-branded traffic to the site (capturing search intent generated from social media campaigns), and increase the conversion rate on site. 

Since the SEO project was completed we’ve seen a: 

  • 25% increase in organic sessions, 
  • 19% increase in organic keyword click-through rate 
  • 78% increase in contact form submissions from organic, resulting in an additional 195 more contacts per year!

Organic search now delivers 49% of all site traffic, a fantastic result in such a competitive field. 

Showing Lane Neave to those seeking through search

When organic search results are not capturing results, paid search ads step up. Paid search is responsible for 75% of all contacts generated from paid activity. 


Getting the search fundamentals right like: 

  • Excellent ad scores 
  • Including assets
  • Including extensions 
  • High-quality keyword list

This best performing ad is responsible for 16% of all contacts from Google Search, with a 9.12% CTR and a great CPA!

The ultimate collaboration to deliver results  

We’re absolutely stoked with these awesome results generated for Lane Neave. One critical element to the success of this partnership is the great working relationship between us and the amazing team at Lane Neave. 

Because of the trust placed in us, our teams were able to push into new territory with design. 

Because of the openness of communication, our teams were able to identify new opportunities and quickly capitalise on these. 

The result is a great relationship and campaigns that sing!

The result

We set out to successfully activate a full-funnel digital marketing strategy to generate quality awareness and traffic with relevant audiences to deliver high-quality leads and an effective cost per lead. By building trust with our audiences, and through the close collaboration of the Aro Digital and Lane Neave team we have been able to achieve 11.2 million quality impressions, 114.8k clicks to the website, 1,661 leads. Beyond that, we’re proud to support one of New Zealand’s leading law firms with over 150 years of experience.

Site Clicks

“Working with Aro, I am constantly aware that our digital journey is in the hands of talented and knowledgeable experts - who are also really fun! The regular catch-ups with the team are full of clear and detailed advice, and the team is always available to answer questions. I have been very happy to put ourselves in Aro’s hands and let them guide the way, as experts in the field, but also appreciate that they listen and are open to feedback. It has felt like a truly collaborative relationship and I am certain that we wouldn't have made the digital gains we have without them.”

Isla Grant
Communications Manager
Lane Neave
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