Powering Up Meridian Energy With SEO

Meridian Energy is NZs largest generator of electricity from renewable sources. They’ve been seeing great success on paid and organic channels for some time.

But, with Google only getting more competitive, they looked to Aro to supercharge their organic performance. We were able to generate some electrifying and sustainable results.

Our Impact

increase in organic sessions (YoY)
increase in non-brand organic clicks (YoY)
increase in B2C conversions (YoY)
increase in organic sessions (YoY)
increase in non-brand organic clicks (YoY)
increase in B2C conversions (YoY)

The Strategy

Content Optimisation

We started by conducting keyword research on the most searched terms relevant to the power industry. Once we’d identified the juiciest keywords, we got to supercharging their content.

Home page

We started with a variety of optimisations to the home page, this included:

  • Optimising the page text to include more references to relevant keywords for the power industry.
  • We sprinkled keywords throughout the home page, to help it rank for ideal search terms.
  • We also recommended adding sections for additional content to improve UX.
Meridian Website Comparison
The homepage, before and after. We added Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut a faucibus metus. Morbi fermentum turpis ac sem porttitor ornare. Ut est mi, dictum et ultricies vel, accumsan id elit.

The impact? A 55% increase to non-brand organic clicks & total page impressions increase by 145,000


We then recommended to improve the footer by adding internal links for better user journeys and a blurb for keyword density.

Content Hubs

We suggested a variety of improvements, from URL changes, to content improvements, and additional links to the pages.

This resulted in a 590% increase to non-brand organic clicks to electric vehicle pages.

The benefits of the content hubs will continue to grow over time. Great content hubs can be thought of as click & link magnets. If the content is quality and answers user questions, over time it will be shared & linked back to. This results in more backlinks, better rankings and gradual traffic growth.

Tweet about Meridian content hub

User Experience Streamlining

With the UX side of our strategy, we were focused on enhancing the onsite experience to significantly increase the website conversion rate.

Revenue growth through online channels is driven by not just increasing the total number of converting users, but by also enhancing conversion rate and average order value. This results in more valuable conversions occurring more frequently - resulting in a massive impact on revenue. At Aro, we call this magic formula the multiplier effect.

Our objective was to not just drive more traffic to the site, but also increase Meridian’s year on year signups.

To achieve this, we looked at the conversion journey within the residential and business sign-up pages. We added more useful content, more text sections and an interactive tool in order to enhance the Meridian customer experience.

The result? non-brand, organic traffic increased by 300% YoY to the sign up page and a conversion total 5 times larger than the client's goal.

Backlink Profile Growth Strategies

Did you know that not all backlinks are good for your SEO? Some are toxic and they do more harm than good.

For Meridian, our goal was to improve their link profile health whilst simultaneously increasing the number of quality domains linking back to them.

This included:

  • Manual link outreach
  • Competitor link profile analysis
  • Reverse Google Image searching
  • Identification of partnership linking opportunities
  • Disavowing toxic domains

Ultimately, our goal wasn’t just to increase the number of links pointing to Meridian - we also aimed to increase the quality of their backlink profile.

Our Impact

  • Increased organic sessions by ~11% YoY
  • Increased non-brand organic clicks by ~30% YoY
  • Increased B2C conversions by ~60% YoY
  • Increased quality linking domains by ~20%

The result

Meridian were able to increase their customer conversions by a whopping 60% through a multi faceted digital strategy across their funnel with total page impressions increasing by 145,000.

increase in organic sessions (YoY)
increase in non-brand organic clicks (YoY)
increase in B2C conversions (YoY)

The team at Aro Digital has helped us to build our SEO strategy and worked closely with us to achieve organic growth. We really appreciate their SEO expertise and how easy they are to work with. Big thanks for the ongoing strategic and tactical support - we’ve achieved great results in the SEO space after just a few months!

Jenny Ruff
Digital & Web Manager
Meridian Energy
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