Taking Retail Online with Wellington BBQs

Wellington BBQs & Fire
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Wellington BBQs & Fire is a well established local business. Selling a variety of products, ranging from BBQs, Fireplaces and Spa Pools. You might have popped in to one of their stores in Lyall Bay or Petone.

Previously working with another local digital agency to run their Google Ads account, they were being left in the dark about what was going on under the hood.


1. Grow market share in BBQ, Fireplace & Spa digital landscape

2. Drive leads (product enquiries & phone calls)

3. Drive people to physical stores


Step 1 - Granular account built

With a limited initial budget, we had to identify how we could capitalise on the ‘easy wins’ first, before moving further down the funnel. We initially identified that if a user was searching for a specific product mode, they were of much higher value, compared to someone searching for a generic term such as “BBQs in Wellington”.

By splitting the funnel into three stages, and matching different search terms we could identify where would get the greatest bang for our buck.

  1. People looking for retailers and providers, to browse through catalogs and talk about the various options.
  2. People looking to buy BBQs, with maybe an idea about what type (e.g. Gas BBQs). They are still not ready to purchase, and want to look at different models that fit their criteria.
  3. People who have identified what BBQ model they want, and are ready to convert.

In theory it sounded simple, but it reality it resulted in over 40 custom ad-groups, 2000 unique keywords and 100s of pieces of ad-copy.

Step 2 - Collaborative, and Agile Approach

We can have all the data and insights in the world, but at the end of the day nobody knows the business more than the team down at WBBQs. Working with them to identify seasonality fluctuations, trends and tactical events coming up helped to create a flowing account that was continually driving results that matters to them.

Introducing a weather API helped with this - this custom script identified the rainfall and temperature in real time, and adjusted our bids for various products. Sounds crazy right?

If it was cold, we automatically increased bids for Fireplaces and Spas by x%. This allowed us to stay top-of-page during periods we had identified were most important.


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