Aotearoa Golden Hour Photo Competition

Aro's Annual Golden Hour photo competition is on. We're on the hunt for NZ's stunning golden hour photos. Plus, we've got some pretty sweet prizes.

Reckon you've got one of NZ's best Golden Hour photos on your phone or SD card?

We're on the lookout for New Zealand's very best sunrise and sunset photos.

Each year, we ask NZ - whatchu got?

Every year - NZ delivers. With 1000s of jaw dropping images submitted.

Our team pick our favourite images (we're self-proclaimed golden hour photo judges) - and present them back to NZ to pick the winners.

Finalists & Winners get prizes

This year the main prizes are:

  • $200 Canopy Camping Voucher
  • $455 Webber BBQ (newest one) from WellingtonBBQs
  • $200 Big Pic Voucher
  • Plus a few extra spot prizes from Aro's clients

How we use the images

We love em so much, we're keen to use the finalists on our documents / website / couple of other spots (like promoing the next years competition). If we want to use any of the other images submitted, we'll ask first.

Sound like a bit of you?

If you're keen to enter - chuck your deets & image into our Typeform, and you're in!

Feel free to chuck them online with the hashtag #goldenhournz

Who were last year winners?

These were just some of the fantastic finalists from last year:

Why does Aro do this?

Yes, we do love looking at the beautiful submissions from very talented people, but it is a little more than that. You'll notice a trend among a lot of the photos - most, if not all, are taken of nature.

Filling our taha whenua and taha wairua cups is really important for our mental and spiritual wellbeing. Especially during some of the darkest days of the year when winter blues can get people down, walking down the beach or through the bush can go a long way to reconnecting us with nature (and improve our mental wellbeing).

We hope that these photos from the very talented people around Aotearoa will help inspire people to reconnect with nature, whether it's to take their own snap or just to enjoy New Zealand.

The bonus to this - we get to make the internet a little brighter 🌞

Enter now

Reckon you've got one of NZ's best Golden Hour photos on your phone or SD card?

Voting is now open!

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