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Digital Media Buying

The Google Marketing Platform gives us the capability to create, deliver, and optimise across all your digital ad channels. 

To put it simply, programmatic is a way to buy and optimise digital advertising. It provides access to advertising space on popular websites (think of it like the ad you might see on the right hand side of a news article). Programmatic combines display ads with high quality audiences and detailed reporting. It’s all about creating quality ad experiences and generating a positive return on investment. 

The stats speak for themselves, in the US more than ⅔ of display ad spend is going towards programmatic, this translates to more than 92.7 billion NZD.
Now, Aro Digital is connecting Kiwi businesses with corporate level marketing tools, right here, in Aotearoa.

Bigger & Smarter Marketing Capacity 

Google Marketing Platform takes your Typical Paid Search & Display campaigns to a new level. Greater efficiency is the obvious upside, but what other features are we looking at?

  • Access to hundreds of channels. Display your campaigns on the likes of TVNZ, Youtube, TradeMe, Spotify,, NZherald and many more.
  • A refined media buying process. Not only is the process made 10 times simpler but you get; Unlimited ad variations, realtime remarketing, ads delivered to high intent users, and full reporting abilities
  • All your digital advertising under one roof. Google ads, Facebook, Display, Video and Audio. All in one place, all through Aro Digital.

A Unified Digital Journey And Delivery

With the programmatic advertising spend in New Zealand increasing by an average of 50%, year on year, it's obvious there is more to it than meets the eye. 

  • Channel management. Deliver and optimise campaigns across multiple channels and search engines.
  • Smart bid strategies. Centralised real-time optimisations powered by machine learning.
  • More ad placement options. Bigger ad inventory across display, video and audio channels
  • Enhanced audiences. Build, manage and analyse with the audience module. Create and customise audiences to easily reach users that have never been accessible before. 
  • Reporting tools. Report and attribute across all channels in one central location, leading to a more accurate prediction of future performance.

It is the unification of all these features that makes the Google Marketing Platform a true advancement from the stock standard paid search & display. 

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