Jarrod Mosen


Director & Chief Technology Officer


Jarod is the technological backbone of Aro Digital, serving as our Director and Chief Technology Officer. His impressive journey spans various impactful roles, including a developer at an NGO focused on mental health and at StarNow - an international talent platform boasting over 4 million members. Jarod's entrepreneurial spirit shines through his founding of StudySpy, as well as co-founding design agency Obvious. His latest venture? Starting our sister company Kepla with our founder, Jonty. 

Jarod is immersed in his passions for programming, coding, and developing, constantly pushing the boundaries of tech to deliver exceptional results. 


  1. Entrepreneur lvl 1000
  2. Lowkey a LinkedIn-fluencer 
  3. Better at video games than his eight-year-old niece 


  1. Worse at video games than his ten-year-old nephew
  2. Uncanny ability to overestimate how much salt he needs to use
  3. Clumsy

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