Jonty Hodge

Performance & Operations Director / Founder

"The Self-Proclaimed Data Wizard"

Armed with his extensive knowledge of all things Google Ads and Analytics, Jonty co-founded Aro Digital with the drive to create meaningful impacts on the businesses we work with. He's also a co-founder of Kepla, a platform that helps empower anyone to run effective digital ads. While he’s one of the more quiet ones in the office, his music isn’t as much. If Jonty isn’t hosting a drum and bass rave on the office speaker, he’ll be casting cross-domain tracking spells with his noise-cancelling headphones on.


  1. Getting 5+ a day caffeine
  2. Squash
  3. Spreadsheets


  1. Really spicy Indian curry
  2. Tequila
  3. Staying calm around spreadsheets