Getting More New Zealanders to Invest-Now

Increase in Leads Generated through the LikeMe tool
Increase in Total Platform Sign Ups
Decrease in CPA across all Conversions


InvestNow is an online platform that makes investing easy. InvestNow are all about removing the hassle and the middle-man to grow their clients investing success.

They have experienced excellent growth over their first two years of business - and wanted to move the needle even further. After a number of in-depth discussions, we discovered a number of digital strategies that could launch their business to the next level.

InvestNow sits within a highly competitive environment, so in order to drive the growth we were looking to achieve we had to adapt our campaign and messaging techniques, and ensure that our budget was spent in the right areas. This was achieved through a full-scale digital strategy that helped us classify all the various customer segments, align channel objectives, and forecast expected results. 


1. Increase the total sum of funds under management

2. Increase the total number of signups to the platform

3. Drive leads through social and paid search using InvestNow’s LikeMe tool



InvestNow gives Kiwis loads of flexibility when it comes to how and where they invest their money. Offering low minimum investment amounts as well as a select range of managed funds, we had to be diverse with our targeting and messaging.


To break through the highly competitive and expensive search environment, we needed to ensure that not only could we capitalise on potential consumers who were looking to invest, but also cater unique experiences directly to those who were ready to invest now. 

To do this we created a two-prong campaign to maximise our impact.

  1. We targeted consumers in the early stages of the conversion funnel with specific ads targeting search terms such as “how to invest” & “where to buy shares online”.
  2. We then also targeted high intent consumers by bidding on specific brand names and fund types. This allowed us to serve highly personalised ads to those looking to invest into specific fund types such as Fisher or AMP funds. For these consumers, they were offered a personalized experience, with ads that directly suited and satisfied their need. 

By splitting up our efforts, we were able to maximise our efficiency and reduce our CPA. The more specific brand terms were less competitive and usually were attributed to higher intent searches. 


We used a two-stage funnel to capture and convert potential customers who either show interest in starting an investing portfolio, or to people who are aware of and have interacted with InvestNow. 

  • The first stage of our funnel targeted broad, interest-based, and lookalike investor audiences with content-qualifying ads that drove them to a ‘LikeMe’ survey on the InvestNow website, where they could find Kiwi investors, like themselves, and see what they were investing in. 
  • After sending a large portion of users to the site from our stage one ads, we then set up the second stage of the funnel, which retargeted site visitors and ‘LikeMe’ survey completions. These users were delivered specialised ads that communicated the USP’s of InvestNow as an investing platform, and were driven towards the sign up portal to complete their conversion journey. 

Our Impact

  • Achieved a 191% month on month increase in platform sign ups across all channels
  • 235% increase in new users year on year (june 2018 vs 2019)


By utilising multiple digital channels and crafting unique experiences, we saw a massive increase in platform signups, and boosted total website traffic by more than 200%.

Together, we’ve started to grow the InvestNow platform and the pockets of many Kiwis.


“Our first two years, since launch, had delivered the growth targets we had expected but it also showed us there was significant upside potential - we needed someone to help us realise the opportunity.  Aro Digital gave us the solution - a team of digital marketing experts with a proven and highly-respected track record.  We are only a few months into working with Tim, Jonty & Lucy and the numbers don’t lie … we are seeing record growth in our business”

Mike Heath

General Manager

Case Studies