Awesome Golden Hour Spots in Wellington

Discover the best spots in Wellington to capture stunning photos during sunrise and sunset. From the Wellington Cable Car to Red Rocks, these locations will not disappoint.

Madi Reid
Client Strategy Manager
August 17, 2021

Sunrise or sunset, there are some banger spots in Wellington that are too good to pass up on. Whether you’re out searching for a great photo for the Golden Hour Competition, on a date, or just seeing the sights - there’s something golden on the horizon for everyone. 

Best Sunrise Spots In The Wellington Region

1. Top of the Wellington Cable Car

Our friends at the Wellington Cable Car have a prime spot to catch the sun as it rises over Wellington Harbour! Grab an early morning coffee from The Beanery - Mojo down on Lambton before catching a smooth ride to the top to watch the sun peek out over the horizon.

Source: Wellington Cable Car

2. Oriental Bay

This deliciously purple shot here may look familiar because it was a shortlisted winner for the 2020 Golden Hour Competition. We may be biased (Oriental Bay is our home turf), but it is definitely an iconic spot to sit back and enjoy a lazy morning.

Source: Saani W.
2020 Golden Hour Competition

 3. The Hutt Valley River 

As a Hutt Valley local, let me bring you in on a well-known secret. This beautiful, winding river has plenty of awesome spots for watching the sun creep up over the valley. Though it can be a little chilly in the morning, it can add some special effects for your shots with fog hugging the hills or steam twisting above the water. 

Source: Upper Hutt City Council

Best Sunset Spots In The Wellington Region

1. Red Rocks

This iconic shot was shortlisted in the 2020 Golden Hour Competition and it’s obvious why. I absolutely love the atmosphere that is created here, and there is nothing better than sharing an evening by the coast surrounded by friends.

Source: Aaron M.
2020 Golden Hour Competition

 2. Kapiti Coast

The ocean and the sun setting come together to create fire 🔥 

And yes, there is a bit of a sun + ocean theme here, but is there anything better than sticking your feet in the sand and watching that big blazing ball melt into the ocean? 

Source: Nicole L.

3. Wainuiomata Hill Lookout

Yes, we’ve all heard of the Mt.Victoria Hill Lookout, but have you ever taken a trip across the bay to the Wainuiomata Hill Lookout? Trust us, it’s worth the expedition for colours and tones like this! 💙💛❤️
If you’re looking for a fresh perspective that is still iconically Wellington, this is the spot for you.

Source: Samson P.

The Results!

Our 2021 Golden Hour Competition has wrapped up! See the winners below.

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