Aimée Sullivan


Creative Specialist


Yorkshire Puddin'

You probably recognise Aimée as one of Wellington’s most prolific actresses, starring in musicals, films, and more galore! Or maybe you know her as the face of the very popular game, Fact or Fiction. Creativity seeps from Aimée, her ambidextrous skillset means that everything she touches turns into creative gold. You’ll find her designing the next best-performing ads while nailing that Shania Twain impression.


  1. Always carries safety pins
  2. Makes a banging cup of tea
  3. Her Shania Twain impression


  1. Spooky stories
  2. Getting hypnotised at New World by the music videos 
  3. Doesn’t like chocolate fish

Aimée's Recent Projects

Increase in Total Revenue
Increase in Organic Revenue
Increase in Organic Revenue

Spending Less to Increase Revenue with Red Cross

Red Cross came to Aro to find innovative ways to drive awareness and community support around their humanitarian mission while getting the most out of a lean advertising budget - we relished the challenge and created a strategy to do just that.

Increase in Clicks
Happy Client
Happy Client

Taking Retail Online with Wellington BBQs

Wellington BBQs & Fire were looking for ways to boost their online presence with a trustworthy and transparent partner agency.

Careers Page Users
Careers Page Users

How to Recruit Tech Talent Digitally with LINZ

LINZ needed an innovative digital approach to attract top talent to drive the development of their world-leading database system.

Aimée's Latest Blog Posts

New Quarter Value: Mana Māui!!! ☀️✏️☀️✏️

As summer unfolds at Aro Digital, we're diving into the vibrant world of Mana Māui!

Choose your Flighter! Celebrate Bird of the Year with our new Slack Emojis!!!

Choose your favourite New Zealand bird and add a touch of Kiwi charm to your Slack conversations!

Caring for Ourselves and Others - Mana Whānau

With the arrival of spring, we’re going to be embracing the value of Mana Whānau!

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