Paras Deshbhratar


Senior Performance Specialist


"The BFG"

Coming to us from a role at Heartland bank, Paras is no stranger to numbers. He loves using his love of analytics and paid search to provide meaningful solutions for our purpose-driven clients. He approaches every challenge with huge amounts of patience and resilience, an attitude which helped see him complete his proudest achievement, running the Devils Circuit Marathon.


  1. Patience
  2. World history
  3. All things data


  1. Fear of falling in wells
  2. Mean people
  3. Ordering at restaurants

Paras's Recent Projects

New Zealanders reached
Branded search queries
Branded search queries

Making Summer Safer with High Alert

High Alert is an amazing initiative, established to keep Kiwis up to date about dangerous drugs going around. They needed help building their subscriber base and overcoming platform moderation challenges to communicate their harm reduction messages.

Total 'Favourite a Home' Conversions
Increase in User Base
Increase in User Base

Scoring a Home-Run Using a Cross-Platform Strategy are committed to providing useful property information and tools that you can trust. Homes needed a cross platform strategy to encourage visitors to make the most of the site’s extensive functionality.

New Zealanders Reached
Batteries relinquished in Queenstown
Batteries relinquished in Queenstown

Can I Fly With This? Proving Behaviour Change with the CAA

The Civil Aviation Authority had an important message that wasn’t getting through, changes to what items you can fly with. They gave us a call to help them to communicate these important changes to travellers… before they got to the airport.

Paras's Latest Blog Posts

Selecting Effective & Affordable Keywords

Learn how to select effective and affordable keywords for your Google Ads campaign by understanding cost, quality score and the customer journey.

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