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Three reasons why D2C content is a no-brainer for your brand

Galena Ilg
Creative Specialist
January 24, 2024

How do you scale up leads for a small business by 25% in one quarter? Relevance & watchability! 

Four Words has been an Aro Digital client since 2022, and has been a space of consistent growth & content experimentation (check out our past creative approaches here). One type of content made Four Words’ revenue soar in 2023 - direct-to-camera content (or ‘D2C’, in social media speak)

D2C is a game changer amongst the kinds of content you can use to drive conversions. In these videos the speaker addresses the audience directly, creating a personal and engaging experience.

We’ve collaborated with Four Words to create plenty of variations on this method. Whether it’s tips for preparing for a consultation, walking through a client’s design, or ‘what your engagement ring says about you’ entertainment bits, they all foster a connection to the brand & provide thought leadership (or laughs). The magic key: at the end of each video, there’s a verbal CTA - “click through to start the process!”. If a viewer resonates with the ad & the pitch fits, they know exactly where to go next.

3 reasons why you should employ direct-to-camera video content:


In a world saturated with polished and staged advertisements, direct-to-camera videos stand out for their authenticity. By speaking directly to the camera, you can convey genuine emotions and create a personal connection with the audience. This authenticity fosters trust, making viewers more likely to engage with your content and ultimately convert into customers.

Storytelling potential

Storytelling makes your message memorable, and direct-to-camera videos excel in this aspect. When you speak directly to the camera, you have an opportunity to share a narrative that resonates with the viewers. This storytelling approach helps in creating an emotional connection, generating interest, and compelling viewers to take action.

Time & cost-effectiveness

Compared to high-production-value advertisements, direct-to-camera videos are super cost-effective and easy to produce. They don't require extensive equipment or professional editing. We like Capcut for a free option, available on mobile and desktop (beware: the auto-caption functionality will spoil you forever!). 

This affordability and ease of production enables you to create a steady flow of content & provide a familiar face that your audience can connect with. 

Take it from Four Words: if you can say it in copy, try it in D2C. Jot down a script and flip your screen - with direct-to-camera, your brand can boost results for your brand & create a relationship with your customers that lasts.

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