Level-Up Your Organic Posts in 5 Easy Steps

Level up your organic socials with these 5 easy steps. Engage with your audience, mix up post formats, find your best time to post, use high-quality links and build both your personal and company brand.

August 7, 2023

Let’s start off with the foundations! There’s a smorgasbord of channels to be across these days, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Threads, Twitter/X, LinkedIn, heck - by the time we publish this blog there will probably be another one.

1. Choose your player 🎮

We’d recommend choosing 2-3 platforms so you can stay across your socials without getting spread too thin. It’s better to build strong engagement on less platforms than to try and do a little bit across them all. 

We reckon each platform is best for the following - so figure out what aligns with your goals:

  • Instagram - Grid: For building brand presence. Perfect if you have tangible products or spaces to show off. 1-2 posts a week. 
  • Instagram - Reels + Stories: For engaging your audience with behind the scenes, in-the-moment moments. 3+ posts a week minimum
  • Facebook: Reviews, business updates. You can cross-post content from Facebook to Instagram. 1-2 posts a week. 
  • TikTok: Engaging audiences, behind the scenes, chatting about your product/services in a casual and low fi way. You can post your Reels on your TikTok to reduce the double-up in work.  3+ posts a week minimum. 
  • LinkedIn: For generating B2B customers and crafting your personal brand. LinkedIn works best when you, the ambassador for your brand, are the one that posts. 
  • Twitter + Threads: If you want to get amongst the dick-swinging contest between Zuck & Musk be our guest, but don’t worry spendin’ ya time here. 

2. Constantly creating content ⚡

It can feel like an overwhelming task to keep creating content week in and week out. We recommend starting with an activity calendar so you can plan out your content over a matter of weeks or months. Having 1-2 pieces of content scheduled per week, followed by 1-2 ‘reactive’ slots for anything trending or in the moment will help keep your content fresh without you having to put hours in every day.

3. The Aro Content Recipe 🥣

  1. Take one big key topic and split it into 2-3 segments. You might start with a LinkedIn post about your company’s ethos. 
  2. Take that Linkedin post and break in two sections. Start by distilling down the key message “we’re a local small business, with sustainable practices” and your visuals. 
  3. Visuals are best served as short, low-fi video, but a sprinkle of photography will do just fine. 
  4. Take your next chosen platform and mix together its aesthetic, message, and visuals. 
  5. If you’ve chosen a static image + copy, pop it on ya Instagram and cross-post to facebook. If you’ve chosen reels, cross-post to your story and TikTok. (note: video content paired with captions is 🔥

Now that we’ve covered the time-chonkers the easy parts come next!

4. Mix Up your formats and try new things 🦄

A great way to extend your organic reach is to mix up your post formats regularly.

If you’re mostly posting images, and seeing that they’re not getting the reach and engagement that they used to - mix it up and try a video. Even if you’re getting the same reach and engagement with your image posts as always, throwing new types of formats into your posting schedule keeps your content fresh and engaging for your audience - it’s also a great way to test which format performs the best!

Social platforms are forever introducing new formats, and many marketers believe that the Facebook algorithm prioritises the newest formats. Whilst we don’t know if this is concrete, it’s still a great idea to test them all out to get the conversation started among your audience. 

5. Find your best time to post ⌚

Did you know that the first hour after you post is the most valuable? That’s because within this hour, you’ll receive 50% of your engagement. Posts usually have a lifespan of 22 hours, after that period your post will go stale and won’t be visible in the newsfeed. So it’s good to know when your users are active, right?

The way you can do this is head to your company’s business page, click on insights in the top menu bar, and then dive into the ‘Posts’ tab on the left sidebar, and boom! You can see what time of the day your users are most active, and on which day of the week. With this information, you can make sure you can rack up maximum engagement within that first golden hour of posting. (Most users are engaged late evenings)

Parting Inspiration

Lastly remember, your socials don’t have to be absolutely perfect, you can always delete it later! So don’t be afraid to rapidly test and iterate to understand what your audience engages with most. As I would say, give it a hoon!

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