232 keeps you up to date with the latest digital marketing trends and inspirational campaigns.

It’s inspired by Jeremy Dean’s 121 newsletter on emotional culture, and tweaked to match our address (232 Oriental Parade).

We’re only getting in touch once a quarter - as we’re kinda busy - and you probably don’t need from us every week 😅.

The structure of 232 is:

2x Trends - We investigate the most important trends facing digital marketing in NZ - and explore how you can make the most of it.

3x Tools - Two of the most useful online tools we’ve been using. To help you get more effective and efficient with your digital efforts.

2x Inspiration - Highlighting awesome campaigns (both old & new) to help you muster up your next game changing campaign.

Aro Updates - What’s new with us? Who knows! Could be new resources we’ve developed, job opportunities, team updates, or exciting projects we’re working on.

If you’ve got suggestions for campaigns we should cover, or trends we should chat about - let us know!

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Tim Dorrian
Managing Director / Founder

Tim kicked off Aro Digital from his flat back in 2017. Seeing digital campaigns go live and driving results for purpose-driven businesses is what makes him front flip out of bed in the morning. A parkour master, WWII bunker expert, and SEO whiz, Tim is as adventurous as he is passionate about all things digital. He’s on a mission to do every nature walk in Wellington, so if you know any hidden gems - let him know!