Perhaps it’s a repetitive fitness regime or a soulless gym that’s bringing your fitness motivation down. Or maybe you’re just looking to get out there and be social, whilst trying out something new from Wellington’s thriving fitness scene. Whatever the reason, Wellington boasts a huge variety of alternative fitness classes, teams and unique sports — allowing you to mix up your workouts and keep motivated, healthy and happy throughout the year.

Whether you’re into swinging through the air, launching yourself off a building or jamming to your favourite film soundtrack; there’s something out there for everyone. After all, if you’re enjoying your workouts, you’re more likely to keep it up and get fit.

I’ve rounded up my favourite places to get fit in Wellington, ideal for anyone searching for workout inspiration; so you can get fit AND have a blast whilst doing it.

Note: Aro Digital is not affiliated with any of these companies/clubs, we just appreciate a fun workout.

1. The Circus Hub


Taking place in a 12m stud height building, this remarkable space in Wellington allows you to master and perform a range of circus skills and aerial activities.

Pick from a variety of circus-inspired classes including Adagio (Hand-to-Hand – Acrobatics), Circus training (all-rounder with a focus on flexibility and strength) or try it all with the ‘Intro to Circus’ 4-week course (includes a range of circus skills such as hand balancing, tumbling and trapeze).

Want to try circus fitness with a partner?

If you know of someone else who might enjoy the thrill of soaring through the air on a trapeze, then there’s even the option of working your way up to a Duo Trapeze session together. Great for building up trust together, as well as a strength and coordination building exercise.

For those of you who are flying solo, fear not, partner up with another singleton on arrival.


4-week taster (4 classes) – $100

Tell me more about how I can swing from the sky.

2. F45

This Auzzie franchise has taken the world by storm and has attracted the likes of celebrities such as Hugh Jackman and Nicole Richie.

Now available in Wellington, F45 offers functional circuit training combined with high-intensity interval training; with a focus on getting lean, fit and strong (not for the faint-hearted). If you like to work out with pumping tunes and encouragement, with a side of team spirit — then this is for you.

The dramatic countdown at each station will have you giving it your all for 45 minutes. Expect a resident DJ on the weekends and a highly infectious team atmosphere. Pre-designed workouts and regimes mean all you have to focus on is putting in the effort and turning up. You’re even supplied diet plans with shopping lists for those taking part in the F45 challenge (included in the membership).

Expect noticeable results, tailored support from trainers and to feel incredible. For me the ultimate reward is my elevated mood; I leave feeling euphoric and ready to take on the day. I joined in London two years ago and have been hooked ever since.


F45 – Wellington East (Lyall Bay)

F45 – Courtney Place (City Centre)


Current Wellington deals include:

Free week trial at Wellington East (Lyall Bay)

14 days for $28 dollars at the Courtney Place F45.

3. Krav Maga

Fancy yourself a bit of a baddass?

Introducing — Krav Maga! Who knew disarming knives could be part of a fitness regime?

Originating from the Israeli military forces, Krav Magar includes a combination of fighting technique such as boxing, Wrestling, Karate, Aikido and Judo.

Unlike martial arts, it tends to have more of a focus on real-life scenarios. It’s prevalent amongst the special air services as well as stunt performers in the film industry but anyone can give it a go.

Ideal for building up strength, endurance and fitness; with the added bonus of self-defence.


Tactical Survival

Krav Maga Wellington


Tactical Survival

$20 Induction Session

Krav Maga Wellington  

Stay Safe Session (2 hr:30 min) – $60 pp

10 Pre-Paid Classes – $85

4. Rock Climbing

A workout for the body and the mind, rock climbing in Wellington is an ideal way to boost your problem-solving skills and build up core strength.

Reaching the top will give you an enormous endorphins boost, as well as a full body work out.

I find it a great way to let go of my worries, all focus is on where your next move will be and how you’ll make it happen, to the point that you may not even realize how hard you worked out — until the next day!


Fergs Kayaks

Most beginners start indoor rock climbing and for that, Fergs offers a friendly waterfront spot that has fantastic walls and world-class bouldering facilities (bouldering tends to be more intense, no ropes and not as high as climbing) — both are worth a try.


Climbing General entry is $21 (adult) $18 (student)

Bouldering $15 (adult) $12 (student)

Lunchtime special – $14

OR, do it outdoors:

Routes in Wellington

More routes in Wellington

5. Ultimate Frisbee

Thought your Frisbee days were over? Not in Wellington. Ideal for getting fit with the added benefit of it being social; this rather bizarre non- contact sport (yes it’s a sport) is a fantastic cardio work out.

Drawing similarities to other field sports (though it can also be played indoors), players score by passing to teammates and eventually catching the disc in the attacking ‘end zone’.

Wellington has several leagues to suit the needs of casual to more competitive players. The season has started but it’s possible to join existing teams and training sessions year-round.

Tell me more about Ultimate

Alternatively, there’s disc golf in Wellington.

Similar to regular golf, the aim is to throw a flying disc towards a target with as little throws as possible. This cardio workout provides full body conditioning and there’s a low risk of injury.

If you want to take it to the next level there’s even an annual competition in Wellington called ‘The Faultline Fury.’

Find out more about Disc Golf in Wellington here.

6. Shut Up and Dance

Wellington-based dance classes with a twist, this flamboyant 45-minute dance workout surprises you each session, with a film or music video inspired routine to master (or attempt to master).

If you love dancing (even if you can’t), Shut Up and Dance will have you laughing and sweating along the way, with its down to earth and passionate instructors. It’s comparable to a sassy night out with the girls — minus the headache in the morning.


Classes can be found at Whitireia on Vivian Street, Island Bay and Poriruia, Wellington.


$20 per class

7. Parkour

The workout that allows you to explore Wellington with fresh eyes and see that there’s been a giant obstacle course right beneath your feet the whole time.

Parkour involves manoeuvring your way around the city, using a combination of coordination, creativity and bravery. The nature of exploring potential jumps and obstacles along the way keeps your mind focused whilst you simultaneously enhance your strength and fitness.

Expect a real boost in self-esteem as you conquer obstacles in your own unique way.


Well anywhere really!

To learn from the pro’s try a free class with NZ Parkour.

Sundays – 1:00pm onwards at Frank Kitts Park

Wednesdays – 7:00pm onwards at  Civic Square

Tell me more

What’s your alternative way to work out in Wellington?  It’s always great to add new ideas to our list.

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