Quirky Gift Ideas For The Wellington Shopper - The 2020 Edition

Discover unique, sustainable gifts that celebrate the Wellington region and support local businesses. From pet accessories to ethical clothing, locally-made soda to record albums, there's something for everyone. Shop thrifty and make a difference this holiday season.

Madi Reid
Client Strategy Manager
December 10, 2020

So you’re looking for gift that celebrates the local Wellington region and will blow the socks off that special someone in your life? This year, more than ever, we’re all about #lovelocal and let’s be real - in much need of some indulgence. With so many awesome local businesses offering a variety of unique gifts and experiences there is something for everyone. This year our guide is going to focus on shopping thrifty, supporting the local community, and giving you plenty of sustainable gift ideas. So, without further ado let’s jump into our top local gift ideas for 2020!

Smack Bang

The go-to Wellington gift ideas for your local animal lover.

Smack Bang

We all know that friend whose sweet kitty or dog is the centre of their universe. Or maybe they have a dedicated instagram account to their furry friend? Maybe this is sounding a lot like you? Smack Bang combines all the coolest brands and styles for your furry friend. We’re talking bow ties, halters, cute sunglasses, and snacks galore. It's the whole shebang so buy online or go instore and pamper that pooch.

The local gift: Check out these purfect gift ideas on a budget under $25 right 👉 here!

Where you can visit them: 23 College Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Six Barrel Soda

The go-to Wellington gift ideas for the fruity friend or aspiring cocktail creators! 🍹

Six Barrel Soda Co.

If you live in Wellington you can’t call yourself a local without trying the delicious concoctions of Six Barrel Soda. These delightful soda’s are handmade locally in Wellington using fair trade organic cane sugar and real fruit. They even use 30% less sugar than regular soda, which means you can go for another few without feeling guilty! You'll find them at bars and cafes across the capital so you can try out all the yummy flavours before picking the perfect one.

The local gift: Try these 3 packs for a delicious, locally made gift 👉 here!

Where you can visit them: Lukes Lane, 40 Taranaki Street, Te Aro, Wellington


The go-to Wellington gift idea for the sustainable fashionista!


Gift shopping for a friend who loves ethical clothing? Nisa are the neatest local underwear label and social enterprise who employ women from a refugee and migrant background to work at their local Wellington studio. The store doubles as the workshop so you can see the work in action. We love how these undies make us feel good and are good for the planet!

The local gift: Grab your friend a gift voucher 👉 here!

Where you can visit them: 99 Willis Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Te Papa Store

The go-to Wellington gift ideas for your crafty friends.

Te Papa Store

Every local and international visitor knows Te Papa. Who doesn’t love the awesome exhibitions they run like WOW Up Close or Gallipoli! But have you visited their store? With beautiful creations by New Zealand locals the Te Papa Store brings together the best of New Zealand with books, crafts, shirts, art and more! Check out their store for a bunch of different gifting ideas and for those on a tighter budget there are presents under $50!

The local gift: See these gift ideas under $50 👉 here!

Where you can visit them: 55 Cable Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Slow Boat Records

The go-to Wellington gift idea for the music lover in your life!

Slow Boat Records

Slow Boat Records is Wellington’s longest running independent record store. If you’re shopping for a music lover this is your go-to. With an international reputation this local Wellington gem has been visited by the likes of Robert Plant, Foo Fighters, Beastie Boys, and Sigourney Weaver. Ditch the homemade Spotify playlist for a record that speaks to your muso’s heart.

The local gift: A record hand picked by you!

Where you can visit them: 183 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Zealandia Membership

The go-to Wellington gift idea for the local bird lover.


Are you gifting for a nature lover? Get them a Zealandia Membership! Your native wildlife lover can catch all the action with the kākā, Tuatara, Takahē, and more! This not-for-profit bird & wildlife sanctuary is the world’s fully-fenced urban ecosanctuary with plenty of beautiful walks through the bush. Most importantly, friends of members get up to half price on general admission - which means everyone wins.

The local gift: See all the membership benefits 👉 here!

Where you can visit them: 53 Waiapu Road, Karori, Wellington

Coffee Supreme

The go-to Wellington gift idea for the caffeine connoisseurs!

Coffee Supreme

Wellington is the city of cafes. It’s a well known fact that there is nearly a cafe on every corner of this windy city, with more cafes per capita than the likes of New York City. Renowned as coffee lovers - what local wouldn’t love some deliciously roasted fresh coffee beans from Coffee Supreme or even some sweet socks for the die-hard fans 🧦.

The local gift: Check out these gift ideas starting at $15 for even the most budget conscious shopper 👉 here!

Where you can visit them: 35 Hopper St, Mount Cook, Wellington.

Caffeinated Dragon

The go-to Wellington gift ideas for the friend that loves games.  

Caffeinated Dragon

If you’re gift shopping for someone who loves board games or role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, this is the store for you. The lovely staff at the Caffeinated Dragon are your go-to for awesome game reviews and wicked recommendations. As gamers themselves, they’re guaranteed to stock your classics like Munchin or newer games on the scene like Set A Watch. The benefit of walking into the store and talking to these lovely humans is they also do unique lattes and delicious hot drinks to rival any Starbucks.

The local gift: A set of dice hand picked by you, an expansion pack, or a cool new game!

Where you can visit them: 70 Victoria Street, Wellington Central, Wellington

Space Place

The go-to Wellington gift idea for the stargazer in your life.

Space Place

Do you have a stargazer in your life? Do they suggest visiting the Space Place for every hangout? Choose a gift that is completely unique, that they can with them wherever they go, and will last a lifetime. Adopt a star in their name! You can choose from 3 different types including a binary star to celebrate your special connection or a super star for those bright lights in your life. Take this gift to the next level with a blanket and a trip out of the city to see your adopted star shine.

The local gift: Adopt a star 👉 here!

Where you can visit them: 40 Salamanca Road, Kelburn, Wellington

The Residents

The go-to Wellington gift idea for your friend with an empty coffee table.

The Residents - Made in Wellington

Crowdfunded by almost 500 people across Aotearoa and the world, this beautiful book is all about the locals in Wellington. It features 38 inspiring stories about how these Wellington locals have been shaped by life in the capital. This beautiful book is a fantastic conversation starter and a must have for any local Wellingtonian.

This wonderful book is currently sitting on our office counter and we love flicking through the stories of local icons and unsung heroes.

The local gift: Get your book by ordering online 👉 here!

And that's the list! If none of these tickles your fancy, try our 2019 and 2018 editions with highlights including the Wellington Chocolate Factory, cool Garage Project merch, and awesome charities like The Good Registry. Most importantly, share love and take the time to connect with your friends, family, and loved ones. We'll see you next time for the 2021 edition!

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