Wellington’s Wet Weather Activities

Don't let Wellington's rainy weather dampen your spirits! We've compiled a list of nine indoor activities for those days when the wind and rain just won't quit, including a free guided Parliament tour, rock climbing at Fergs Kayaks, pottery at the Wellington Potters' Association, and spending time cuddling with furry friends at the Wellington SPCA.

Madi Reid
Client Strategy Manager
February 11, 2021

You can’t beat Wellington on a good day – but what about when it’s not so great? We’re talking Wellington’s classic gale force winds, hail, sub-arctic temperatures, and torrential rain that rivals the Asian monsoon season.

Turns out Wellington has some excellent wet weather activities, some are obvious (we’re looking at you Te Papa), but others are a little more secret and take a bit of hunting. We’ve done the searching for you, so here are our top 9 wet weather activities for Wellington.

1. Free Guided Parliament Tours

Make the most of the capital with a guided tour of Parliament! There are a range of tours available seven days a week including special school holiday tours and twilight tours! You get your own super knowledgable guide and see the heart of New Zealand’s democracy. Most of the tours are around an hour, which makes it a perfect escape from the wet and windy weather outside. 

Why it’s awesome:

  • A great way to learn about New Zealand’s history
  • There’s a chance of running into Aunty Cindy
  • Check out the Beehive from the inside
  • Also, it’s free! 

Getting There:

The Beehive is close by the Wellington Train Station so there are plenty of options by public transport

Learn More About The Guided Tours Here

2. Ferg’s Wellington | Rock Climbing & Bouldering

Nestled away on the Wellington Waterfront is one of the only rock climbing walls in the CBD.

If you’re looking to blow off some steam on a rainy day, there’s no better way than a good climb. With options for both beginners and advanced climbers, Fergs Kayaks is the place to be on a rainy day.

Why it’s awesome:

  • Relatively low-cost activity
  • Really good work out (and a great way to tire restless kids)
  • Fun activity for you and a group of friends
  • Convenient central location


It's based on day passes, meaning you can stay as long as you like:

  • Adult: $21
  • Student: $18 (ID required)
  • Child: $17 (Kids up to 17)

There is also the ability to hire extra gear (optional)

  • Climbing shoe hire: $4
  • Chalk hire: $3

Getting there:

It’s right in the centre of the city at Shed 6 at the waterfront (by TSB arena), here’s a link to where it is.

Learn More About Fergs Kayaks

3. Weta Workshop

Weta Workshop has a range of tours and workshops that make it the perfect wet weather activity. Among our favourites at Aro Digital is the Leather, Chainmaille, & Combo Tour. This immersive experience lets you dive head-first into a world of creativity with two incredible tours and a crafting experience. At the end you’ll walk away with a unique keychain made by you! If you’re looking for a compact tour experience without the crafting then check out the Combo Tour for 2 hours of jam-packed fun. 

Why it’s awesome:

  • You get to take away your very own keyring that you made.
  • It's a fantastic activity for a group. 
  • An internationally renowned tourist attraction right in Wellington’s backyard!


Leather, Chainmaille & Combo Tour: 4hrs, from $127.

Combo Tour: 2 hrs, from $48. Book Here.

Getting there:

It’s wet weather, so take a bus, cab, or drive to - 1 Weka St, Miramar, Wellington

Want to learn more about Weta Workshop? Check out their Homepage.

4. Wellington Pottery Classes | Get Your Hands Dirty

If you’re like me and you miss the good old days of mud pie assembly or just getting downright messy and mildly glueing your fingers together … here’s one for you!

In a world which is gravitating towards virtual and digital creation (which is exciting in a different way) … this 18,000+ year old craft is a refreshing hands-on, all-round sensory experience.

The mesmerising moulding or ‘throwing’ (using the correct lingo), twinned with the moreish feel of the clay squidging through your fingers… is enough to spark the initial excitement for pottery making.

But on a deeper level, the process of pottery making encourages you to let go of perfection and with the comfort of knowing you can always restructure your creation, it allows you to feel a sense of freedom as you explore the look of your final masterpiece.

It’s also got a reputation for being quite the stress buster, understandably, it’s hard to check your phone with all that clay on your hands. Pottery making in Wellington is a fantastic way to slow down your day in the best sense. Plus, if you’re feeling generous, eventually (honestly it could take several attempts) you’ll end up with a jazzy homemade gift for someone, always a crowd pleaser.

Here are some awesome places in Wellington you can try it out:

1. Wellington Potters’ Association – Which has fantastic information and caters to all abilities.

2. The Clay Penguin – Owned by Wellington’s own award-winning artist Nicola Dench.

More a buyer than a maker?
 There’s a fantastic shop in Lyall Bay (Between the beach and Bunnings) called Sue Dasler Pottery, home to some gorgeous New Zealand crafted contemporary ceramics.

Open Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm or by Appointment.

Why it’s awesome:

  • Stress Buster
  • Hands-on fun
  • Allows you to get creative
  • Grandma’s love pottery (great gift idea)

5. Wellington SPCA | Hang Out With Animals

What better to do on a rainy day than to pet, pamper, and play with a small army of animals? Located in Newtown, the SPCA is super easy to get to by car, bus, or by taking a scenic hilltop walk (rain jackets recommended).

With over 5000 animals rescued per year – from cats and dogs, to hamsters and bunnies, the Wellington SPCA is never lacking a furry friend for you to give endless attention to!

They even let you hire out their rooms for functions, birthday parties and conferences – what better way to party than rubbing the belly of a playful puppy!

Another bonus with the SPCA – it’s completely free of charge, making it the perfect rainy day outing for children, students, adults and families alike.

Why it’s awesome:

  • An abundance of animals to play with
  • A perfect stress-relieving activity that gives you a sense of fulfilment
  • Offers heaps of additional volunteer opportunities to get involved in
  • Aaaand you may end up adopting a new pal!

Getting there:

By Car: Park in their on-site premises, located at 140 Alexandra Road, Newtown – Check out the map and how to get directions HERE

By Bus: Catch bus number 20, 3 from Willis Street, this will take you up to Constable Street or Kilbirnie. From either place it’s a 10 minute walk up the hill to reach the SPCA. HERE is the link to the Metlink timetable where you can plan your bus journey.

Learn More About Wellington SPCA

6. Sweet Axe

Wanna feel like a Viking? A Lumberjack? The ultimate Wellingtonian raging against the wet weather and wind while warm and dry inside? Sweet Axe is the answer to all your desires. With lively and hilarious staff that really make the experience memorable, it’s the ideal addition to a wicked weekend. 

Bookings are normally essential with the exception of Summer Fling, which runs between 4-7 Thursdays and Fridays, and 12-7 on Saturdays. So don’t be put off by a weekend of wet weather, book or walk in and make the most of it.

Why it’s awesome:

  • A fantastic way to let off some steam over the wet weekend.
  • Top notch group event with fantastic and hilarious staff that really make the experience memorable.
  • Dress up with hats, vests, and other costume bits available. Ideal for truly embodying the spirit of a Viking. 

Getting there:

You'll find Sweet Axe at 58 Kent Terrace, Te Aro, Wellington

Want to learn more about how it all goes down? Check out their website!

7. Bowling at The Lanes | Challenge The Crew

It’s pretty hard to be energetic on rainy days where the weather makes you just want to cocoon, but you can beat that apathetic attitude by grabbing a group of mates and heading down to ‘The Lanes’ to tear-up the bowling alley.

Located on Wakefield Street, this place is right in the heart of Wellington, and is within walking or bus distance from anybody’s flat – so no excuse to not get out of bed!  

The Lanes offer options to play just the one game of bowling, or if you’re feeling that little bit extra competitive/want redemption, you can go for two games – student discounts included! They also have a massive menu filled to the brim with snacks, share plates, pizzas, and a bounty of drinks; both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

They even host private adult birthday functions if you’re sick of the classic ‘bring everyone round to the flat’ ordeal – you can celebrate in style, smoke the lanes, and you don’t have to clean up!

Why it’s awesome:

  • A super fun activity to do with your mates
  • Super central and easy to get to
  • You can eat and drink whilst striking the lanes
  • A unique and fun place to hold parties and functions

Getting There:

By Bus: There are various buses that travel to Courtenay Place from nearly all the suburbs – if you get off at Courtney its a 5 minute walk to the lanes. Check out Metlink for more information on buses and transport.

Learn More About The Lanes

8. Fear Factory

Ready to be scared? 

Fear Factory is placed right in the frantic heart of Wellington, filling the night with screams from those brave enough to walk through the red door. How do they know clowns terrify you? Well, they asked at the start and tailored it so you get the most amount of fright for your buck. Will you and your friends have what it takes to make it through? 

Why it’s awesome:

  • They ask you questions to tailor the experience to your fears, so be honest or not at your own expense. 
  • Perfect for an obscure bonding experience - you can only be closer by the end (unless you chicken out and make a runner, ditching your buddies... Then that’s just a bad move). 
  • It's right in town so it's super easy to get to.


  • $20 kids, 
  • $30 students, 
  • $35 adults, 

Getting There:

It’s right in the heart of Wellington so you won’t have to get too wet. Find your way HERE.

Want to know more about what you’re getting yourself into? Learn more about Fear Factory.

9. Brew Your Own Beer At The Occasional Brewer

If you enjoy a beer or six and want to take your thirst for beer to the next level, at ‘The Occasional Brewer’ you can make your VERY OWN beer!

Open the door and you’ll discover a fantastic contrast between a cosy bar on one side and a high-tech brewing space on the other. It’s ideal for homebrewers wanting to brew without the hassle and mess (no more storing beer in the cupboard or bottling in the bath). It means more energy can be focused on the fun parts of making your own brew like experimenting with quality ingredients and techniques.

But it’s not just the seasoned home brewer that can enjoy. Newbies soon get the hang of things with the knowledgeable and humorous staff around to advise at each step of the process.

You get the full brewing experience. This includes preparing the water, mashing in, boiling the wort, adding hops, chilling and fermenting your beer. Once you’re done, you can store your beer there until it’s ready to be bottled (bottling takes place on the premises).

Why it’s awesome:

  • Super knowledgeable staff
  • Tailor your brew to your own taste
  • Makes an awesome gift (vouchers available)
  • There’s usually a food truck outside for when you get hungry

Getting There:

The Occasional Brewer is just a short 5-minute walk from the Basin  – Here’s a link to where it is
Learn More About The Occasional Brewer

What have I missed?

We’re always keen to learn about more awesome wet-weather activities – so feel free to hit us up on the Aro Digital Facebook page!

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